Is contabo a good host? (APR 2021)

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  1. Is Contabo a good host? The overall answer it no, but let me explain.

    1. Contabo would be an okay host if you don't need any / much DDOS protection because after a few DDOS attacks reach their server from your IP, they will reach out to you and terminate your service if the attacks continue. You could use measures, like GRE Tunneling from OVH to your Contabo server to prevent that, but that brings me to my next point.

    2. Contabo has been known to overallocate their resources on many of the shared VPS plans they offer. I've seen screenshots of people getting under 50% and even under 66% on the CPU single-core benchmark. This is usually because of 1 or 2 things. The first being overallocation which I listed prior or it is because they don't assign you the full logical thread of the CPU but a portion of it. Most of their CPUs are EPYC or XEON processors and for basic tasks, they'll work. Want to host a server with a few people? It could work. Want to make a gaming network? You won't stand a chance.

    I think I'll just leave it there as those are the 2 most common issue with Contabo.
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  2. How did you pay €280? They have no VPs plans for that much
  3. Annual
  4. This is Contabo, VPS, 280€ / annual


    I have the flags set, I have the optimization guide, even plugins edited for better performance and it is not capable of reaching 15 players with stable tps, if they want to buy Contabo they already know what they are exposed to.
  5. is the best
  6. tbh thats why @Govindas switched out to another host because CPU time was really bad due overselling
  7. I was able to get better CPU by writing multiple emails to their support, however I kept having a lot downtime due to DDoS attacks, which is why I switched to HumbleServers. I do not know why I kept getting DDoS attacks because my server isn't popular