Is Germanode dead??

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Edward_Train, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. So there's that host Germanode. They seem to say that they are migrating but my tickets haven't been answered in 2 months??

    Are they dead?
  2. It seems they are dead then. Did you also try to bump the ticket once?
  3. in twitter dms they havent even recieved it smh

    i think the ceo is legit dead

    edit: even the sponsor chat is dead smh
  4. Looking at their tweets and replies, promising "being up in a couple days" since june... They ded. Hope you made backups!
  5. I just realized that I ignored content from you lmao (It was 1.5 years ago)

    i was trying to move my local server files up there so i dont need to pay electricity bills lmao
  6. What do you mean?

    And just pick a different host then? Even if theyre not dead, I wouldnt want a host that randomly goes dark for more than a month...
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  7. Just like @simgar98 said. They're just dead, I hope you have backups otherwise you're basically screwed
  8. If a hosting provider ignores my support tickets for an extended period of time. We stop using them. They don't notice me, I am sure they don't notice us not paying.

    Time to move on buddy.
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  9. The CEO hasn’t been seen on the Hosting Chat in FOREVER. It’s dead.
  10. cool lmao hope they arent dead irl
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  11. Nothing to laugh about if that's the case, but I doubt that's the case. If it was, someone responsible for the business would have reached out to the customers that they won't continue the business.

    Again, just grab your data, stop paying bills to a company that doesn't give you what you pay for. And get a proper hosting provider that is well respected in the market.
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  12. "Hello. As you may have noticed, we are no longer accepting new customers. However, we have a great deal that you will not want to miss. Visit
    "another server hosting company" and use code "discount code from germanode" to receive a 10% LIFETIME discount on high quality servers."

    im so done what on earth is wrong with germanode


    They even said

    "It's heavily discounted. The code is valid for 1 month."

    im literally so done with them wtf
  13. 1 month LOL
  14. ikr it's not even a permanent partnership

    thats sad
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  15. We have noticed this topic and would like to explain ourselves.

    Because of the major hardware fault, we lost some of our data and refunded the clients that requested a refund. The files were partially restored.
    We planned on relaunching all services soon but financial problems came along because of the lack of sponsors and high prices of i9 CPUs.

    Also, we always reply to email tickets even though the chat is unavailable most of the time right now. We have not received any of your tickets, Edward_train.

    We will be relaunching soon.

    Have a good day.
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  16. Or you know, just request the customers.
    Strange, you'd think a host would have not just 1 "hardware" but actually a couple and at the least a backup solution.

    This is why I personally don't host with unknown companies, new to the market companies, or resellers. Go to the source of respectable companies who have the infrastructure and contracts that mean something.
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  17. We did have way more than that. But what died is the server that hosted the billing and control panels because of a lightning strike and it seems like our surge protection couldn't handle it. The disks were toast. We did give customers their files back.

    Because of the lack of investors, we will be returning sometime during 2019, this time with all appropriate measures that this doesn't happen again.
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