Is it allowed to...? EULA Question

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  1. What do you think will be told to be much profit stuff?

    I have a few ideas in my mind:
    - More character slots for higher ranks ("savestates") (Wynncraft does it too)
    - Doing stuff faster (not leveling etc. but gui management, like hypixel allows their VIPs to instant sell all stuff below rare) (I thought of sending messages to multiple receivers at once, modifiying auctions live instead of removing it and readding it etc.)
    - Allow VIPs to take more quests than normal players at the same time. (Wouldn't give that much profit just safe up some walking between places)
    - Allow VIPs to sell more items simultaneously in the auction hall

    Please don't tell me to ignore the EULA etc. We all know Mojang will stop servers that won't fit with their EULA. Some ideas are already used by other servers like Hypixel, Wynncraft and are pay to save time in some way. The question is if the other ideas are fine to use too or if that is too much. Hypixel and Wynncraft seem to be allowed to give that enhancements to their premium players.
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  2. Honestly nobody knows what is allowed or not. There's servers doing that, servers doing that.
    Brandon Andersson (Mojang EULA Enforcer) says even something like /compass (which shows the coordinates like F3) isn't allowed.

    So we don't really know.
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  3. That's really sad. I completely agree with Mojang stopping pay to win, like buying op kits, items etc. But I hope that time saving aspects like that can be count as cosmetic because that would really allow servers to have more than just optical stuff.
  4. Yeah, the only thing i know is you are not allowed to give 1 player an advantage
  5. @Jalau Your best bet is to contact the Mojang Enforcement team directly and ask them. You can email them at [email protected]
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  6. JamesJ


    Even Brandon doesn't know what's allowed and what's not..

    Apparently /compass and the use of disposable chests isn't allowed.. I say no more.
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  7. I also heard that /ptime isn't allowed either. I have lost faith in Mojang.
  8. JamesJ


    No it's not lmfao.
    From the lord Brandon himself.
  9. Disposable chests might allow you to remove your inventory instead of dropping it and giving it to other players. Just a theory.
  10. lava is cool.
  11. The visibility issue doesn't make a difference when players play with max gamma in their settings.
  12. I think they just don't know what's fine and what's not because there are so many possibilities. Selling particles in a team game might allow your friends to recognize and find you easier. Depending on a game mode like where you can disguise this is a huge point. Most of the time negative but maybe someone makes a gamemodes where it is an advantage.
  13. Personally, I think its all a bit ridiculous. Shoot the server owners that have successful servers because their Realms idea was a flop.
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  14. Mojang can't do all they wish, the community of Minecraft partially own the game. Less this community, Mojang can't do anything.
  15. If Mojang couldn't do anything, these discussions wouldn't be happening.
  16. Imagine Mojang re-enable servers blacklists, practically all servers will use older Minecraft version than release-1.9.3. Here is always good way to ignore blacklists: Modded client (that disable blacklist), dynamic domain name, etc...
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  17. My dedi's in Moldova ignore DMCA, GG Mahjong skids.
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  18. You do realise that the blacklist is implemented into the launcher and effects 1.7 - 1.9.
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  19. I didn't realize, no.
    Mojang does not have others thing to do ??
  20. Use a different domain on your Hub and Shop and say that they're two different servers, because, they are.
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