is it allowed?

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  1. Hey guys i want to fork an old plugin called Pay4Day but is it allowed to use the source code from github because its not availible on bukkit but i wanted to update it for 1.8

    But however is it allowed?
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    Depends on what license it's under.
    I don't think there would be anything against it as long as you don't post it as a premium resource.
  3. I have it planned as an free one
  4. JamesJ


    Then, AFAIK, that should be fine :)
  5. K tnx
  6. What license is it under?

    Even if you're releasing it for free, some licenses won't permit that.
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  7. You could send the link to the github page so we could look after the license
  8. I found it. There appears to be no license.
  9. Then you'll be fine :)
  10. So what does "no license" stands for? Free for all? :D
  11. The exact opposite. Copyright is automatic. However...

  12. Well... That's a little confusing.
    If we are allowed to fork someone else's no-license repo, then we are supposed to be able to modify it...

    Back to the story, I am currently personally continuing a HealthBar Mod, and I used some code from TukMC. Well I am too lazy to find that author... The mod is on GitHub, but though I haven't released it yet (because it is too buggy).
  13. Yes, thats implied. If they have posted it on github, its implied you can fork and modify it because they agreed to that as part of posting it on github. If they didn't post it there however, and you just decompiled it then no license means you can't do anything with it.
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  14. Ahh, gocha, thanks :)
  15. Relevant:
  16. Man it must get annoying to attach that with every post. Host it and put it in your signature.
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  17. Just send an email to the developper and ask him if you can fork it!
  18. Sorry to once again knock on the offtopic door. But the only reason I can see him doing this is because it's visible on mobile, while normal signatures are not (in portrait view anyway)