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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by RedFox_, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    I've bought a plugin from Spigot called [SPARTAN ANTICHEAT].
    I was asking for a support and of course, some people assign rules that force you to not to review the plugin and if you did he will threaten you to delete the review or he will take actions to take off the plugin from you and here we go you wasted your money for nothing!

    Asked for a support and he gave me a 30mins support in discord but after that, i got another issue and asked him to help but unfortunately, he deleted me.

    Already argued for more than 45mins to get a support but unfortunately that what I got.

    So it's not worth it to give others a proper support while i will force you to not review my plugin with a negative review. It's like a Youtube but with a System that banned your account if you dislike a video or wrote your opinion or review the video.

    I know in this thread i will get so many of his staff members trying to troll/make fun of the thread as they did when i was arguing with him.
    All i wanted is a proper support and fix my issue with this plugin.
    But unfortunately, i wasted my money and time trying to fix it on my own but can't.

    Spigot. It's not even fair to force others to stop reviewing plugins..

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  2. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    No, you're definitely not allowed to do this at all and we've brought this up to this author on multiple occasions before. Certain his resource was even flagged as inactive for a good chunk of time due to instances such as this. Thanks for letting us know, but in the future, a report on the resource will suffice
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  3. Thank you so much!
    I need my money back please.
    Even though he deleted my purchase!
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  4. Developers cannot delete buyers from the list. Buyers are only removed when they chargeback
  5. I didn't chargeback..
    he refunded 0.20! to stop me using the resource
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  6. @RedFox_ your license has NOT been suspended as SpigotMC doesn't allow that. You wanted a refund ( but also threatened me. I gave you a partial refund to indicate that I am no longer interested in our collaboration and clearly advised you to furtherly escalate the PayPal case on your own.

    Fill the case and PayPal will refund your money because even if I tried, I would have no chance winning. I am not stealing you.

    @2008Choco take a look yourself.
  7. Maximvdw


    IMO , thats harsh
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  8. People with this kind of attitude are disgusting and don’t deserve to have their premium plugin on spigot, imo. If someone paid money, then you better deliver everything you wrote in the thread.

    How can you expect someone to follow your terms, yet you don’t deliver the features outlined on the resource page because of bugs? It’s so one sided, if you advertise a working anti-cheat and it isn’t working because of bugs, then you are breaking your own terms.

    Ive never turned down supporting someone with my plugin, whether it’s a feature request or a bug fix. Because if they didn’t then my plugin would not be as good as it is now (I’ve done hundreds of feature requests and fixes that were reported, which have made it 100x better than my first release)
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  9. As much as me and @Vagdedes are on fine terms now, I still think what he did was wrong.. I understand reviews can sacrifice your future buyers, but it would be much better if instead you helped the fellow user and tried your best to find the issue. I know personally I can be busy, but providing some kind of base support is better than 1 simple thing and saying goodbye.

    As choco said this has happened before, it disappoints me that a friend does this to fellow users...
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  10. And he refunded $0.20 out of the $20 that I've paid as "partial refund" and he took the plugin off from me.
    His staff making fun of me in their discord because I'm alone arguing with him about the plugin.
    It's just shameful how no one complained about the plugin because of his "Terms" or new Rules from him..
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  11. I do not want @md_5 to come here and slam bang my resource, so I fully refunded him since I know my loss will be bigger if I wait... Either way, this user hasn't reported his issue because he doesn't like the support website but my discord server. I would never disagree to help someone on a product they have purchased by me. Have a great day everyone reading this.

  12. @2008Choco I would appreciate if you cancelled that admin ticket towards md_5, so I don't wake up tomorrow to see my resource down. The user has been refunded but just letting everyone know, the website's justice and moderation when it comes to resources has become such a joke.
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  13. Resource is fine. Support is fine. This are just people who can't read. Also they don't know how support works. Website etc..
  14. It's not only me who have complained about this author and his plugin!
    I just noticed someone got ban from his discord because he just mentioned: "You can't force others to stop reviewing the plugin".
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  15. I could fix the issue in seconds but he didn't want to use the website. Consider not swearing in your posts, just some advice from someone that got banned for that reason.
  16. IIRC announcements are made to expose bad reviews etc. I understand fake review exposing but not every bad review is fake.
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  17. I do not understand authors to plugins sometimes, If people want to leave reviews, let them leave reviews, just fix the bad reviews in the future.

    For example if someone left a 1 star review and put in the review: Needs to fix the kill aura, then maybe in the next update of the plugin, you could fix it. Then maybe the person that left the 1 star review would change it to a higher review.

    Also there is a review box for a reason, you can't tell people that you can't review a low review, you are cheating the system. Reviews are supposed to be honest.
  18. And the bad review can let others that the plugin still not ready for it's not good for your server.
    I paid for the plugin because it has full 5 stars without any bad reviews and at the end noticed that because of his rules..
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  19. Yeah, it's the same idea as Youtube. If a YouTuber upload a bad video and low-quality content just dislike and comment on his video about the bad thing and it will get improved.
    This author needs you to review him 5 stars or don't review and if you did your money wasted and he will just take off the plugin...
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  20. I know you from xD
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