Is it possible mojang is tricking us with the BlackList?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by ReunifyFight, May 7, 2016.

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  1. Is it possible that mojang added that blacklist to scare a bunch of server owners into complying with the eula, when in fact...they are not going to add it at all? Thus, the removal of it in the new snapshot?
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  2. Hmm MYB:eek:
  3. They re-added it somewhere else in the client :U
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  4. You have to realize their a company if they tryed "tricking" their players they would be seen as untrustworthy for all future updates and get less players (also note the drama that would explode from this)
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  5. Why trick server owners to get them to comply with Eula when they could legit block them and get them to comply that way
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  6. No, they removed because they're implementing the blacklist in their launcher so is gonna block on all curent minecraft version (..../1.7/1.8/1.9/....)
    This is a real fact not a theory.
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  7. Mojang is not an idiot, this is gonna be the quote of the year xD I am guessing. Servers will have to comply, the blacklist, this is just the first step for Mojang to enforce the eula.
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  8. what would be the point of just scaring them ?

    if they just lie then people would not give a flying f*ck about the eula, or basically anything else mojang is saying, so that would only be biting themselfs in the butt :3
  9. Well if mojang is tricking the server owners now, the server owners will just restore their old store.
  10. Probably not tricking us.
  11. Everyone just needs to comply shut up about this.
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  12. 200% wrong.
    The blacklist will go into effect for the 31 servers on the list. This will not let anyone in the official 1.9.3 update and further join to that server if the server does not comply with the EULA.
  13. Actually the check is put into the netty 1.2 library and it will be used by minecraft 1.7-newest. See here:
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