1.8.8 Is it possible to add a minecon cape texture to my skin texture?

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  1. Is it possible to copy the cape texture of a minecon and combine it to my skin texture and set it using game profiles?

    if yes, how?
  2. If you want to add it specifically and only you, there is a way to do this without the code applying the texture.
    It would most likely be easier to use a tool such as mineskin to just upload a picture of the minecon cape over your skin and get the texture and signature from there, then apply it to a game profile.
  3. can you give an indepth tutorial? im dumb.
  4. [​IMG]
    So you have the skin above, correct?

    You simply use a image editor to paste the textures of the minecon cape onto the skin,

    Then go to mineskin.org website, upload the skin texture you created. Then press generate

    Then, it'll bring up a ton of info that you can use, such as texture signature and data, as well, even a copy and paste java code to get the Game Profile

    There you have it, a texture and signature for your skin with an optifine cape. I also use this method anytime I need to pick skin for NPCs I make, you can upload anything you want without the worry of the skin changing.
  5. where exactly do i put the cape? (where in the skin file)
  6. btw i want it to like float like all normal capes. not just stuck in the skin
  7. I would use a banner of some sort on an armor stand and attach that to the player
  8. can you help me make that please im too dumb
  9. Well we aren’t going to spoon feed you.

    Look how to spawn entities into the world and attach them to a player. From there look how you can then attach a banner to the armour stand.

    No need to bump threads after such a short time though.
  10. i dont know where to start. i have been trying for hours
  11. To spawn an armor stand do
    Code (Java):
    world.spawnEntity(location, EntityType.ARMOR_STAND);
    //world is the world you want to spawn the armor stand in
    //location is the place in the world you want to spawn it in
    Now you will have to listen for the PlayerMoveEvent and use the event.getTo() location to determine where to put the armor stand. Now in order for this to look good as a cape you have to take into account a lot of things. The player position, player around with it so you get it exactly behind them every time they move. Their rotation, try and use their pitch and yaw to make the cape always go in their back otherwise it will be bad. If you want the cape to look more realistic you could use player.getVelocity() which returns a Vector and get their Y and X/Z velocity to try and give the feel that there is some sort of air resistance like with normal capes. I have never done something like this so I don't know if it will look good or bad (just so you know if there are a couple players using this it will cause lag). Also, I don't if its possible but if anyone knows a way to do this using the players game profile (just like you do with skins) that would be awesome.
  12. No, as you can't forge signatures for skins (which are needed for the skin to show up in the client).