is it possible to do this:

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good idea?

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  1. change the client-side code to make it on every server join, it sends all of the possible packets to the server, and get the server's response, then save it somewhere in the cache, and then, when that event really happens, it just sends the event packet to the server but doesn't receive anything, and act as it's stored in cache, i think that'll dramatically decrease the ping?, what are your thoughts..
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    I don't see how that will work. Granted, I never played with packets, but to just grab something random say the packet that determines when a mob is on fire... How can you cache that when the payload will be different all the time? Also we're talking about just a few bytes of data, I seriously doubt any performance benefit you could gain would be meaningful, if even measureable.
  3. first, the packet that determines a mob is on fire will be acting when an event triggers the fire on the mob, and that trigger will be already registered in the client' cache, which will make the client act as expected.. but the "any performance benefit" thing... you gotta be kidding me, because there are literally 100s of packets being sent at the same time (imagine if there are 1000 players online... it'd send +1000), how about we make it 0? how much would that make the lag? what do you think, didn't you ever think about how other "anti-lag" plugins work?, they put less stress on the server by making some packets not being sent for example an entity that's on the floor it gets removed so that the server doesn't have to send a packet to the client every time like that..
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