Is it possible to handle more than 50 players on 1.14.4/1.15.1?

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  1. Hi, it's a simply question.. I'm using Paper and I optimized it a lot (tutorials from this forum). I have a good dedicated server (Intel Core i7 8700 and DDR4 RAM) but I cant handle more than 50 players without lags... Below 50 is fine, but above 50 lags are so heavy. (today I had 65 players and only 12TPS). Is it possible AT ALL to handle more than 50 players on these versions? Maybe someone running server 1.14.4 with more players?
  2. How much memory is devoted to the server?
  3. 10GB. I think it is optimal
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    10GB and these specs should handle this fine. Can you run a timings report?
  5. Not without heavy optimizing
  6. I have a timings when on the server was 44 - 49 players:
    (It was playable)
    I dont have timings when on the server was 65 players, I forgotten to start timings.

    But I want to know what can I do additionaly do maximize the optimization? I think the view distance is the clue. Now I have view-distance set to 5. Is too much?
  7. You're hitting young/old GC a lot.
  8. Yes, I know I have a GC issue. I even paid someone to fix this but nothing changed. I am trying to fix that since October. On the timings when the "TPS Loss" is big then a Garbage Collector is trying to keep memory below 3GB (I DONT KNOW WHY!). The Memory usage fluctuates from 2500MB to 2600MB and the CPU Usage is very big then, after few minutes the CPU Usage again is low and the Memory Fluctuates from 1500MB to 10GB and I think is normal
  9. I am using these flags and I am using Java 11
  10. For minigames/arenas, it is possible. Very small map or very low view distance, little to no mobs, little to no redstone/hopper/etc, we managed to host 165 players on 1.14.4 (should be same on 1.15.1) with E3-1271v3, and keep TPS steady at 20.

    But for survival servers, heavy redstone structures and villagers/mobs everywhere across the big map, we can only achieve TPS 10 or less when there are 60+ players online with i9-9900K.

    I'm curious how AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs perform in these scenarios btw.
  11. It's funny that every day there are such topics and all this with new versions.
    On the old version 1.12, I easily keep at least 80, at least 100 players without any lag (19.9-20 tps).
    And I have an old processor for many years.
  12. I agree, too many people are taking Akair's flags too literaly.

    They are a guide!

    The most abused flag is using 10GB for -Xms and -Xmx

    You (anyone) needs to tailor the flags to your requirements.

    And these flags do not take into account the processor performance as an essential prerequisite .

    These flags are about trying to control the memory usage.

    You need to monitor what memory your server uses during normal play! And use those values for the -Xmx setting (+a little extra)
    **Any peaks in loss of performance can mean that you have set the -Xmx too high, or too low, in value for your requirements.

    **Any repetative peaks in loss of performance ...
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  13. So would xmx would you set in my place (for 60 players) ? My memory usage fluctuates from 2gb to 10gb (low CPU usage) and suddenly CPU usage getting very high and memory usage fluctuates only from 2500mb to 2600mb. What xmx should I set?
  14. It should be fine to run less than than 50 players, especially on 1.15.1 with the new performance improvements. considering poster has an 8700k and is running an optimized Paper setup it should be good. An 8700k has a very high clock speed, which Minecraft takes great advantage of.

    EDIT I only just realised I wrote ‘more than 50 players’. My bad!
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  15. @Anderson66 looking over your timings have you thought about modifying the amount of entities such as hostile creatures or animals?
  16. I optimized the amount of mobs and aninals in bukkit yml. I limited it to only 20 mobs, 10 Animals and 3 misc... I have laggs becouse of GC issues and I am focused on it.
  17. As I said
    You can add the Java flag
    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
    Which will log the GC's actions into your server log.
    Take a look at the log section for the time period for when the lag affects your players (let's say when you have 50+ players on).
    The GC reports during that time can guide you to decide what your -Xmx setting may be.

    The action of the GC performing a cleanup task is likely to increase the CPU usage.
    And, a GC Major task takes priority over the game server tasks, hence the periodic lags.

    If you are interested in researching G1GC, the most informative guide I have found is at
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