Is it really necessary to upgrade to spigot 1.13?

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  1. Hello Spigot community.

    I have a doubt, and is that personally analyzing the update to 1.13, I do not see it very necessary at least in my view, I do not want to say that anyone updates or that they do, I want to hear opinions on the matter nothing else.

    Normally the new brings faults, and as is to be expected in anything Spigot 1.13 can bring its faults because it is very recent. In MY point of view I see for me unnecessary to update because being so new much of plugins are in the 1.13 even so they make it difficult to put this version on servers with a decent volume of people. In my point of view (I always repeat that in my point of view because there is always someone who is offended) I think that for now it is not necessary to update and it is better to use protocol hacks.

    I would like to hear experiences about the people who upgraded their networks to this latest version and if you think it's really necessary, unnecessary or practically the same.

    Good morning.
  2. I personally think it is necessary and here is MY point of view:
    - A lot of plugin devs are dropping support for version up to and including 1.12 due to the big changes in the Spigot API. Depending on the plugin it is hard to have a backward compatible plugin and/or having 2 separate plugins for two separate spigot version!
    - 1.14 is literally just around the corner. Following that will be 1.15 and 1.16,... each will be adding more and more features over the next year. That being said 1.12 will be left in the dust.

    Yes it may be difficult to update RIGHT NOW, and you shouldn't rush, but its best to start making an action plan so you, your server and your community can stay up to date.

    Yes, you can use ViaVersion's protocol hack to let players play on newer version, but ultimately they are going to lose the experience the new updates bring.

    At the end of the day, my opinion is to stay up to date. If you plan on and start working on a 1.13 update now, by the time 1.14 comes up, it will be an easy transition since the API most likely won't have drastic changes.
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  3. Hello.

    Thank you very much for your response, you are very right and a good point of view, but I still think I can wait a little longer to update or so I think.

    More than anything I would like to rely on the users who are using version 1.13 because I think that's the most important thing. Since the 1.13 came out very few people have been registered trying to enter with this version, so I'm also basing myself on how many users are really playing in this version which is what I consider most important when it comes to an update.

    Good afternoon and thank you for responding, I would also like to hear more opinions or experiences of other people with spigot 1.13.
  4. ""Since the 1.13 came out very few people have been registered trying to enter with this version, so I'm also basing myself on how many users are really playing in this version which is what I consider most important when it comes to an update."" <--- I don't mean to sound rude but that is a TERRIBLE way to verify which version people like.
    A lot of players will use a client that matches the server version. Thats what I do. I don't play 1.13 client on a 1.12 server, because it makes absolutely no sense.

    If you aren't in a rush to update your server, that is totally cool.... there really is no rush at this point right now. But I do recommend starting to plan and test. Ex: Copy/Paste your server onto your computer, run a local host of it in 1.13. This will give you a good amount of time to really work on properly updating it, checking which plugins do, do not work, and configuring it properly for 1.13. Don't wait too long though, its looking like 1.14 will be out in a few months (they said early 2019 and 2019 is literally 3 months away (thats scary))
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  5. Hello.

    Thank you very much for your response.

    Nowhere in my server is it indicated that we accept versions, so people have as the only way to enter the server to test whether it works or not (unless they have a client that identifies those, very rare in version 1.13 for now). So the best way to measure it for me is to record who is trying to enter with that version, more than all by my users.

    But anyway, I'd like to hear from other people's experiences.

    Good night.
  6. Wait for 1.14
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  7. Use the version you want to use. Offer a fun community with stable gameplay to your players. Be it outdated 1.8 for reasons, or 1.12.2 because it's the current recommended version. Or early adopter by already going with 1.13.1 before you upgrade to 1.14 later this year.

    Necessary? Nothing is.
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  8. I won't recommend to use 1.13 because it's not very stable yet.
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  9. It's not recommended to use the current 1.13 spigots builds for server production usages but you could prepare your server to upgrade to 1.13.
  10. I don't really this it is necessary.. personaly I like 1.8.9 - 1.12.2 most, I don't like the 1.13 updates
  11. I'm sure there will be a few 1.13 sub releases coming too, seeing as there are a huge amount of bugs that need to be ironed out
  12. They're done updating 1.13 ... mojang is moving onto 1.14
  13. Little update for those who missed it, from the 1.13 announcement where it was


    We moved from RED to ORANGE. Which is great progress
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  14. So, I guess its "safe" to --force-upgrade existing 1.12.2 worlds from now on? Because I've halted my plugin tests because I don't want that issue to happen, but I'm planning to start testing again on my PC, hope everything will work fine!
  15. Wait for the next Minecraft version

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