Is it still possible these days?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by michiel, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Dear forum,

    Me and my friends have a new idea in minecraft to build creative maps about real things.
    Everyone is able to get a realtime spoken guide in their own language that sync with the current position of the player, like a museum but then cooler... I'have't played minecraft for a year now and having the feeling that it's kinda dying ins't it... Whatever feature or whatever cool things you provide on your server ,,, is it still possible to populate a server with it's own ideas and not just a general server with minigames or survival? What methods are working to gather player??

    I want to put the time into it, but is it worth even trying get some people on the server?

  2. Servers are getting more and more bland. If you really want something unique you need someone with extreme programming experience to make you something only you out of a billion or so people havn't thought of. Sorry to say, its so competitive out there that a server is garunteed to close soon without something to keep players on everyday to get that "rewarded" feeling. Votes don't do much so you have to think of something AMAZING to keep people coming.
  3. Hey thanks for your reply... I understand that ... I have programming knoweledge in C# will try to learn java and get into plugin development but It's just is it worth putting time and efort into this..
  4. Depends on what you are looking for. Getting experience for programming, I reccommend just joining a server other tham making one. Getting some temporary fun, make a server. If you are in it for profit, you need around upwards to a few thousand or more dollars to get the status for people to come to your server and vote if you didn't start with a sprint.