Is it time to ditch groupmanager?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by wonderdude, May 23, 2016.

  1. Just recently returned to Minecraft, and I'm working on a new server.

    However, since I've been gone, it seems like both Essentials and Groupmanager are no longer being updated. I see some fixes for groupmanager that makes them work on 1.9, but I am wondering if it's worth the risk of lack of future updates from them.

    I preffered group manager as to me it was clearly the superior permissions plugin, at least at the time.

    I don't like PEX. Is there another option? Is groupmanager safe enough to stick with for the future?
    (My permission files are always massive, so I'd rather not have to convert within a year)
  2. You're reasoning? Also I don't know why you would post a link to Dropbox when you could easily post a link to the Jenkins where he has multiple builds to choose from securely.

    Anyhow, in my opinion I think you should definitely not use group manager anymore. You don't have to use PEX but I recommend not using group manager anymore. Its outdated and no longer receives any new features etc
  3. What new features could a permissions plugin have...
    And I was too lazy to go to jenkins.
  4. Even though you do not like using PEX, it is still a really good plugin. Group manager has become out dated, but PEX still seems to run steady with no errors. Just throwing it out there.
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  5. But you had the effort to upload it to Dropbox?
  6. I went with PEX. Mostly because there are so many converters for it, to other permissions plugins. So hopefully, when a better permissions plugin shows up, I can easily convert it from PEX, rather than have to rewrite the whole thing.

    Thanks for the replies!
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  7. I just recently ditched group manager for pex. Pex is easy to use and actually WORKS!! I highly recommend switching now, before group manager completely fails in 1.10
  8. Check out EssentialsX. Always kept up to date, and the essentials devs even recommend it. No more worries.
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