Is it worth it? Hiring a Advertising Manager

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  1. The situation is that I am currently making a truly unique server that no one has usually done and I am a firm believer that the ideas and features are great and they will work on certain community.

    Besides the point, my question here for everyone today is that is it worth it to pay an Advertisement Manager roughly 500-800 USD and let him manage all the advertisement business. Such as contacting youtubers and finding the right ones while negotiating prices that would be fair for our end. Basically a guy who's supposed to know how the advertising business works since I am a person with great ideas but lacks the experiences as far as the industry goes. At the moment I have paid him roughly 700 USD and he hasn't ran away yet. Not sure if it's because he knows i can chargeback since i paid in G&S on paypal and can chargeback from my bank account. But it's been roughly 2 weeks since I've paid him and he still hasn't given me any updates on what he did exactly, although he's not showing signs of "taking a hike" but I am the one who always have to constantly speak to him and I'm the one who paid him. When I contact him multiple times and question about the progression his response was to ask me to get a dedicated server which I did, he also requested that I would need a system admin as well as a staff manager before he could do his part so that I can keep mine. Part of that seems understandable which is why I did what he asked. He currently hasn't replied it taken for the fact that he hasn't read that I've done what he suggested. He is guaranteeing roughly 200-300 playerbase on the launch of the campaign with 2500 USD budget. He seems like a solid guy but I just don't know if he is who he really says he is. For those who are experience in how the advertising industry work in this game, I would greatly appreciate some of your thoughts and tips. Thank you. If you could, I could learn something from our community here to guide me what my next step should be.
  2. I dont think youtubers do paid deals, since there is no way paying him to make a video of your server will be more than he makes off of ad revenue, and if it is more, than it's probably going to be too pricey for you to pay said youtuber.
  3. Definitely not. If you want to get a big YouTuber to play on your server as kind of a promotion, then just anonymously give them the IP. I would only suggest this if you have like 3-4k people on. At least 1-2k, but you definitely want to be "not small".
  4. Thats how minecraft youtubers get money, server owners paying them to play and record.
  5. i dont think you need to pay for a someone to manage all the advertisement business
    thats not realy hard to do that
    and not worth the money
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  6. no lol

    they get money from add revenue.

    When an add on youtube is watched, the advertisers pay the youtubers a small amount which builds up as the add is watch thousands of times by the youtubers fan base
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  7. Noatak I appreciate your opinion on this, i also think of this as well. Unless someone has a very big connection meaning all the youtubers i have no connection with does not respond and they have the correct numbers. It's probably not the worthy thing to do. I'm regretting this situation now and apparently they have been scamming me. Which I am now charging back for.
  8. Don't be stupid.

    Big Minecraft YouTubers make way more from Servers than they do from their YouTube ad-revenue.

    Servers pay up thousands for YouTubers to record series, videos, streams and that's usually the YouTubers (This is for some YouTubers that aren't insanely huge like millions of subs, even though they get paid a shit ton if they do paid promotion anyway) primary source of income from their videos - Although they still make money from ad revenue.

    e.g; An YouTuber with ~80,000 subscribers could get paid $150 for a one hour stream. This could just add up.
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  9. I feel as if you have the money to spend and you have a whole truly unique server, an advertising manager may wise - preferably one that only works on your network, is reputable and has real connections.
  10. If your server idea is unique and you think people will enjoy it/constantly play, advertising might be the best way to get your name out there quicker.

    Just remember that with YouTubers, when they are playing on the server, they will bring in their viewers and more, but the down side to this, unless the server is really fun, when the youtuber leaves, they will take most of their viewer base with them to the next server.
  11. I am very well aware of that. But I would still like to thank you for your feedback.
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  12. Aside from the youtuber part, I would say that you need to have the server before you can advertise it. If you do not have substance to give players they will not stick around for long. If you do get a hiring manager do it a month or so before release. This will give the legitimate ones time to advertise and hype up the server and also allows them to give sneak peaks of the server.

    Now if they do have some sort of connection to some big YouTubers it would be good to get those names from them and make sure they are committed and perhaps get that in writing as well xD. If you do manage to get some youtubers on board no matter the means, you should have a trailer that they can publish on their channel that displays the ip and the website. You would probably ask them to put the video up on the day of release or earlier but getting players to your website is a good way to give them info about your server.

    Advertising, in my opinion, can be done by anyone. Just go to some websites and advertise with their already integrated advertising system and instead of funneling $700 into one person use a small fraction of that to pay for dedicated spaces on advertising websites.

    Overall, there are many ways to advertise your server that do not rely on another person. If you want someone that would be dedicated to that role I would say get someone that will either volunteer or that you will pay when they give you results.

    I hope this helped and if I read earlier posts correctly you seem to have been scammed (from what you said) I am really sorry to hear that and I hope all works out well!