Is it worth it / realistic to start a server now

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  1. Just wanted to ask for everyone's feedback here. I've been working on a server setup for a few months now and I've been reading everywhere that the bigger servers are rising and smaller servers just don't have a chance with these new over-saturated server "markets". I've raised a moderate amount of money to do something with to help the community, but I'm not sure running a server is the right thing anymore. It is not that I care too much about player counts, I just wouldn't want to have an empty server.

    Any advise is appreciated.

    EDIT: Just realized that this post seems highly depressing. Didn't really mean it that way, but it kind of came out that way.
  2. We should make a server revolt, for the smaller servers...
  3. markhead 2.0
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  4. Maybe a website for featuring new/rising servers that deserve attention or something...
  5. Nooooooooooo...not that again
  6. Mikgreg


  7. SeismicSquid got Skype? Lets make a site.

    What's markhead 2.0? o_O
  8. Yeah, PM me yours. I've got some free VPS space for that sort of thing.
  9. Markhead was this guy taking down large servers supposedly to help smaller ones. It was a good concept, but the approach of taking down all larger servers (>750 players IIRC) was completely wrong and immoral IMO.
  10. SeismicSquid interesting what happens. Let's all move to Tokelau.
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    /me is interested,

    without skype.
  12. We can probably just use email / google chat
  13. This seems like a ton of server listing sites that say this is what they are going to do, but instead plop "sponsor" servers all over the main page and take up all the space for "rising" servers. Furthermore, why would anyone visit this site? Unfortunately, most of the younger part of the community (which is almost all of it...) think bigger is better, and wouldn't want to join a small server, even if it is high quality.

    Honestly, I would love for something like this to work, but as of now it is only wishful thinking...
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    Or you know, internet relay chat
  15. Why no skype?
  16. Haha, I'm a real IRC noob.

  17. Though, Microsoft designed your operating system, right?
  18. Unless Canonical is Microsoft, no.
  19. And why might we go against Microsoft?