Is it worth it?

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  1. Is creating a server still worth it? I have contact with major YouTubers and advertising managers who can help bring in major players, but the question still remains: Do you guys think it's still worth creating, or contributing to a server to help it grow into something big? Or is it not worth it as the server may eventually die out quickly thus possibly losing what's left and possibly money to the point of where no profit is to be gained. Thanks.

    Edit: To clarify, yes, it is nice to make a profit, but I do believe more in the enjoyment of the server for the players. What I meant by profit was to help support the server, keep it up, release new content, etc.
  2. I asked myself that as well :p I decided that it's worth a shot and I'm risking it rn. I don't really have anything I need to use my money on so why not try making a server? Imo I think you should set a budget that you're alright with losing and use that to make your server since there's always that chance of not getting all your money back.
  3. I was actually thinking of "Risking" my budget (I don't wanna post it here as I don't wanna seem like a showoff, or something), but yeah. I am still debating whether it's worth it as I do love the experience of owning a server, but I'd rather not spend money into something that'll end up just ripping me into shreds.
  4. If a server is good and unique (from the perspective of a player, ask yourself why this server is better than others), it can definitely support itself.
  5. Servers have always been profitable and still very much are. With the right budget, team and vision, you can still make hundreds of thousands of dollars off your server or network. It all comes down to how you run and present your server.
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  6. In my honest opinion it is worth it:

  7. I think it's worth it as long as you do it for yourself and the players. Do it for fun, not the money. Money will come, but if you don't enjoy doing it, then the community will suffer and your server will fizzle out.
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  8. I believe it's worth it only if you go all out on something completely original and different. Don't do overdone and non-original gamemodes.
  9. Exactly, don't make yet another factions server, or yet another skyblock server. Do something original and it should very still be worth it. I'm doing it as well.
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  10. You can still do some generic gamemodes if things are unique, custom and fresh. For example I developed a skyblock server but it has a lot of neat features that you don't see on any skyblock server. I think that can bring in a lot of players as well, in the same way that you can make a successful factions server with enough creativity.

    But you always want at least 1 fully original server that has never been done before.
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  11. Splazeing


    It's still profitable. Every game mode.
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  12. Everything is always profitable, no matter what you do. But why would you make less profit when you can make more?..
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    With the best strategies you can make the most out of your server income. OP factions works fine n
  14. Defo agreed there, in the planning of my own server network and I'm going to be going with standard gamemodes such as Skyblock but have my own twist to it. Having a gamemode people know means that they can easily understand it but having a custom twist means they get to explore a new side to a gamemode they already know.
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  15. No game mode is more profitable over another in my opinion. Its just how you run , market and monetize it.
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  16. GaIaxy


    To a point.

    SkyBlock servers have the potential to make more money than Factions.

    Everything has more potential to make more than Survival.
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  17. I mean, do what you want with your money. If you think that your network will miserably fail, don't spend all your money on it. If you think it may succeed, go ahead and take the risk.
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    I told my wife that.

    "Don't go spending money on a damn game! What a useless thing to do with money."

    If you have a wife, make sure to buy her roses before hand.
  19. Buy roses, then spend it all! :D
  20. I currently run a PvE survival server. I started it with no intention of making money, but it does. It makes 300% the amount we need to host it, and all the money sit's in a paypal account that is dedicated to only the server. If the money isn't just sitting in the account, It's used on advertising.

    I could use the money for personal gains, but It feels, almost wrong. I run the server purely for the enjoyment.

    I would say yes, running a server now is still worth it. I get lot's of enjoyment out of how many people get a kick out of playing on something I provide.

    Plus, if it fails... It's not like you're losing a bunch of money(unless you kick it off with an insane advertising campaign).
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