Is it worth switching to english?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm the owner of a small server running since a year and sadly lost 80% of it's players the last tree weeks, so I did a strawpoll and was luckyly able to make the majority of the old players. And funnily, 80% of the voters wanted big changes so I'm currently starting to build up a new network.

    My question is: Is it worth to make the new network English even if I may lose the old community completely but reach much more players?
  2. Big servers tend to be in Spanish or English, since those are very common languages.
    If you don't care much for community, then you can have a multilingual server. This will definitely reach more people. (given your gameplay makes up for the lack of community)
    If you do care for community, I recommend sticking to English. Most German people can speak English, anyway.
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    sadly there aren't any reliable statistics available to see how the languages are distributed in the community. The big ones are english, obviously, german, spanish and maybe french.
    if your players don't like your server anymore, why not ask them why? I am sure they can give you quite some feedback.
    another option would be to go multilingual, have your plugins support some languages, maybe seperated chat channels for each language and a "global" channel. you can auto detect the language fairly easy as the client tells the server what language he has enabled in the options.
  4. I did asked them ( and I am currently working on the implementation of their feedback, but I won't ask them weather to switch to english or not since the response is predestinated to "no", but instead should decide to be the "best" way for the server...

    I disagree with the idea of having a multilingual server since it would make handling the community much harder and seperate the community into groups making it harder to integrate for new players.
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    one single guy asked you to do a complete new beginning but you are
    I don't think that your players will like that (apart from the single guy ^^) I don't know how you server is currently working but the highest demand seems to be to expand your core functionality on separate server (possibly to reduce lag? idk) and throw some minigames in there.
  6. That's the consequence of the points 1 & 2, I described it on my server and even made a video about it (to reach the quitters), I'll do my best to migrate as much as possible from the old server to the new one...
  7. I just found this site allowing very interesting insight into the global spreading of the hosters. Germany is leading at the moment with 25%, the US have 22%, so switching to english is definitly worth it since it would allow at least the double amount to play on the server...
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    thats only hosting tho. and that counts every single instance of a server. eg. some german servers have 2000 auf them.
  9. If you have a server that caters to a specific language that isn't English, then you are working with a smaller audience, but you also have less competition. There are plenty of server out there that are English, if your server is in someones native language it will definitely attract them more.

    It makes you unique and give you an edge over your competition, because you have a much more defined target audience and less competition.
    The French, Spanish, German and Japanese Minecraft communities are quite huge and there's a reason most of the servers in there don't switch over to English, even though it could give them a bigger audience.