Is it worth to make a new Server

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  1. Hey,

    I've coded a lot of plugins and after coding for some other guys I think about making my own server. The question is... Is worth to make a new Minecraft server today? Will I earn enough money to pay the monthly server bill?

    My idea is to make a plot server with some mini games as an event. Is there somebody who want to help me coding? So many questions... :eek:
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  2. Create something unique, get something done which has quality and is functional. Treat your community right, do good advertisements and u should be good to go.
  3. No, he shouldn't at all

    If the idea is unique bigger servers will copy him

    If it isn't unique, server wont attract anyone at all and won't grow

    If it is unique, either way it'll fail since all it takes is 1 minigame server with 1k average players to copy you and you wont get much attention because a better version of your minigame is out
  4. Yes I agree. But when we talk abput adversising. Is there any way to make advertising without paying?
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    Guess you've never heard the expression "it takes money to make money" :)
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  6. Optic_Fusion1

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    or a ton of popularity and donations >.>
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  7. if you create a server, do it for fun - don't care about money, if you create it for money, you won't have any fun and most likely end into closing it.

    advertising without money requires big luck, I have tried majority of free advertising ways, they do help to gain a few players, but you won't gain like 20+ stable online out of it unless you are very lucky.
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  8. Yes, sure. But may there are some ways without money or with less money :oops:
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    You won't really get incredibly popular or become a large server without spending a decent amount of money
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  10. As long you,
    - have and make fun on the server.
    - unique (custom and Premium plugins).
    - have a good community.
    - do voting, ads, giveaways, etc.
  11. You just need to dedicate a lot of time into making a successful server, servers don't get easily popular.
    Another thing is that you should release updates one by one, even if they were all ready, it will help grip your playerbase ;)
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  12. Thanks a lot to all!
  13. If you want to have a server with a decent playerbase, have a good amount of money for advertising and remember that it could just end up wasting money. - Just have fun
  14. Creating a server is basically the same thing as hosting a party. There are no better way of putting it. :LOL:
  15. The Minecraft community is always looking for something new. If you're able to provide its player base with something new and fresh, I believe you'll go far.
  16. Worth? Maybe not at all, depends.

    If you have the time and money for it, sure do it, maybe you have success, but dont be like some liddle kids that think their server will be at 1000 players on day 1, and then being disapointed and closing the server.

    I can just tell you the Story of my Server.

    Like end of 2015 I was almost ready with the server I was working on for like 2-3 months (Not to much time). It was just a Freebuild* Server at the beginning, and I had like almost no experience in server administrating (yes a bit, but not much).

    So like a day before the release I posted my server on some Server lists and got excited. Well, first day: Like 6 Users peak.. still okay for me because I wasnt awaiting much. The thin, two of those players became like best friends till today xD.

    So after like a week, I already had a little community of a few players on my server, that like to play Freebuild.. nobody was griefing, or at least hey got punished right away, and everything was nice.

    After a month, my server grew a bit, and I had like 15 Players peak a day, which was nice because they were realy realy friendly and we talked alot. But also a problem was in the way now: Hm.. I can't pay the server for very long :/ So I added, of course, buycraft with Premium and Premium+.. and what should I say.. I never expected what happened in the next month. Out of nowhere, my Server had 30+ Players a day and was getting new ones every half a hour. Back then I didnt had a VPS or smth like that, just a game server + TS3 Server. The thing is, so so many people bought Premium(+), I was shocked when I was that I made 1000€ in like halth a month.. and yes, every cent of that money was spent on my server, which was a good decision, because I could afford more RAM, and so also more Slots/Plugins. I added minigames and learned how to code (which was a good decision too).

    Okay well, at the highest point of my Server, it had like 40-50 players online.. but then BOOM. In like a month, there were no more players (maybe 10-15 a day). I was pretty shocked about that, and found out that most players already had completed, what they wanted, and just didnt have to do anything more on the server. I soonly closed the server because of that.

    *Freebuild is dying I would say. Only freebuild servers I can find, with a good player amount, are either servers which are mainly Minigames servers and just got a freebuild server too, Servers that are owned by bigger Personalitys (YouTuber etc..) or smth like that.

    The problem with freebuild is that players wont have anything to do if they already got everything. Yes you can add minigames, yes you can add PvP modes, yes you can add Shops etc etc, but that wont last very long.

    So well, after the (probably not) heartwarming story of how my server grew and died, my opinion of its being worth is........ Yes.
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  17. Really thanks to you!
  18. I started making my own server with my friend a while ago and i can tell you, It is so much fun! i mean i can't explain it other than its very worth it
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  19. Ok, first of all you don't need to spend a stupid amount of money if you have some basic web skills and knowledge. However, you need a lot of random skills to pull off a great server. Web development, understanding of game balancing, web server management, spigot management, plugin management, some basic programming knowledge to troubleshoot errors, foresight/wisdom to prevent future problems, basic people skills so you don't burn your players/staff, enough "experience" with minecraft to understand what gamers want, some other minecrafters for outside opinions, and most of all you need to be disciplined enough to string all these qualities together.

    Now, does every successful server owner have all these skills? No, but your success scales with your ability to do those things. It's hard work.
  20. Not sure if you want advice still but I've run around 6 different servers, all factions, In the positions I've held mostly the Manager title however now I own a server, The main thing people get annoyed about is staff abuse & inconsistencies in rules. I'm not sure what type of server you want to make but I don't think you need much money to start it, considering you say you can dev, I'd say you've saved a lot of money if you're willing to put the effort in.

    I guess the last thing is don't expect instant gratification, servers take time and you need support, find some good people who you can trust and get along with to help you and keep your motivation up.

    Good luck if you decide to make one