is java dead?

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  1. This has probably been talked about before but im worried that bedrock has taken over and the new generation is all switching over leaving java for dead. Seems like the bigger plugins such as multiverse and essentials ect arent seeing the updates and support they used to.
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  2. The answer to your title is no.
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  3. Latest commit to Multiverse has been in August and to EssentialsX two days ago. So I don't really see where you got that from. The upcoming "death" of Java Minecraft has been prophesied since at least 2013. It's not going to happen any time soon.
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  4. I'd definitely hope not, I don't want to use something that has micro-transactions (lmao, "minecoins")
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  5. Java won't die for a long time if ever, it can do a lot of stuff bedrock does and doesn't do and has way more freedom (e.g. mods & no micro-transactions).
    Thankfully they can't add micro-transactions into java, someone would just make a mod that removes them or adds them into the game haha
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  6. There's a thread like this popping up ever so often, and it's been happening for years. Is Minecraft dead? Is multiplayer dead? Is java dead? Is Herobrine dead? It's a hard "no" to all.
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  7. Is Windows dead?
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    Yes, java will die. It is the engine. We will all be switching to Aether very soon. There is C++, and most likely all plugins will die. Here... this is the death of the Java.
    Although maybe I don't understand something and plugins in Java will work on this engine. But it is written in C++, so I thought that plugins would not work.
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  9. I could see people staying with java specifically for plugins and mods if we lose support for that stuff.
    Edit: It's possible that's for realms only as well, i really don't see them destroying such a large part of the game. A part of the game that kept it alive for so long
  10. It seems like this is not only realms. This will be the vanilla core of the server. There seems to be no exact information yet, it's just a rumor
  11. If it's not only for realms and it fucks with the whole plugin/mod thing, i could 100% see the community either in outrage or having another community split like 1.8
  12. If Java was truly dead, Hypixel wouldn't have had to increase its slots to 111,111.

    The smaller-medium servers are kind of dying because they're all the same for the most part, but the servers that know what they're doing are growing. As far as plugins and open-source projects goes, the good ones are fine and will continue to grow. Java Edition will definitely not die, at least within the next I'd say 5-ish years. I'm sure it will still be thriving after that amount of time though, there will constantly be new players coming to the game, especially if Mojang is doing the right thing.
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  13. Found no official statement of either Mojang or Microsoft regarding this. So as long as this is not officially I do not believe that.
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  14. I asked a dev about it on twitter asking for clarification about certain things brought up, while linking back to this thread. If they'll say anything who knows
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  15. So far, all the developers' actions suggest the opposite. They are preparing something for optimization. And it looks like it's a new engine. Find out everything on MINECRAFT LIVE. I hope they tell us everything
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  16. Guess we just have to wait and see, the announcement could split the community up even more which isn't a good thing
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  17. I think that Java will still live, maybe only more or less adult players will remain, and the general audience will become more adequate, lol
  18. nope because the java version is way more open and a lot of players prefere it over the bedrock version
  19. I mean, don't update something that isn't broken. Not every single update requires all plugins to be updated. You can quite easily write a plugin that works across many versions to come. I made a plugin onn MC Market once. Developed it against 1.13 or so, worked on 1.8 automatically, and still works on 1.16. Just because something isn't updated doesn't mean it's no longer supported or dead. And especially, two plugins don't exactly define the entire state of Java Minecraft.

    Just take a look at Hypixel. They're breaking world record player counts left and right. I saw 109.000 (yes, seriously) players online like last week or so. Not sure what the latest record is, but that completely smashes the previous announced record out the park.

    Java is under no circumstances dead. If anything, with the state of the world, we may have the best time in Java (and likely bedrock too) to date.
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