is java dead?

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  1. This, my ChatBot plugin supports a huge version set including ones that aren't used simply because of what it does and how it's coded. If i really wanted to i could quickly support an even larger version set, and even more modification to support literally any version. It's really not hard to support multiple version depending on what your plugin does and how it's coded
  2. I have a strong impression that a sort of war was declared by Microsoft against Java many years ago.
    Where Microsoft has tried to exclude Java as a programming code.

    So, this thread is really about MS code Vs Java. They are very different OS's.

    The historical record shows that Minecraft is a driving force for Java due to its popularity, and the restrictions within the Microsoft systems endevour to disable the flexablility of a 'Community' involvement.

    Basicaly, Microsoft has a large influence, but does this mean they should have it all their own way ???

    It seems obvious as Bukkit / Spigot users, we do not agree !!!

    We do not want our creativity to be Consticted by lesser imaginative people !
  3. They don't. I've talked to Microsoft and Mojang people a lot the past year or so, and it is absolutely not Microsoft pulling negative strings. I too was a bit biased on what Microsoft did to Minecraft, but really, you can thank them.
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  4. Strahan


    I'm curious; to what historical record do you refer? Because that seems like a stretch to me, considering that Android alone comprises multiple billion installations and that doesn't even take into account the huge business application market it has and implementations on devices.
  5. This. If anything Android would be the driving force for java, not minecraft
  6. Gawd, my car has an Android tablet built in to the dashboard.
  7. no it isn't dying and it won't die. imagine mojang giving up their origins and developing only bedrock (or should I say, bugrock). what company would be they?
    tons of people will start hating them, especially when there are money involved. mojang is making a lot of money from java, and giving it up would be stupid.
  8. Android is not dead :p
  9. Nope, I would need to say java is still the leader in minecraft versions, it is the reason it was not included in the transfer to bedrock on all other versions.
  10. No, there is no war on java. There is no death bed. Aether engine isn't for java.

    Nothing said here is correct pretty much.

    Mojang has directly said that Java is here to stay as Bedrock is not capable of running on every OS configuration, and Java closes the gap to ensure everyone can play Minecraft. Then there's also the mods.

    Mojang has increased java development and hired people to improve java even more.
    If that's not enough evidence for you, then there's no hope to cure your ill placed pessimism.

    That is not correct. Bedrock is larger than Java by a large amount. Just go look at all the big servers that support both, and that doesn't include all the realms and single player which is much heavier for bedrock than java.

    I think you misunderstand Minecoins. Yes Microsoft might have some cosmetic stuff behind them of their own, but ultimately it's to do the EXACT same thing we have in java. Market place is mostly third party content, not Microsoft.

    It's hypocritical to be against minecoins but also support premium plugins, server purchases/donations.

    Minecoins are just microsoft middle manning it to simplfy currency exchange to content creators. Mojang doesn't make money off Minecoins either (any profits are eaten up by currency exchange fees they cover)

    the market place is a pretty nice thing that people are able to make content for minecraft and get paid for it, and avoid the sketchiness of chargeback hell and occasional fraud handling direct payments causes.

    The ecosystem around that is a positive, not a negative.
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  11. No!
    Minecraft is dead
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  12. Minecraft's far from dead
  13. Asking if java is dead is the same thing as asking if humans are extinct.
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  14. Which is why it's being used by 60,000+ servers.
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  15. Again, its my opinion. Im not here to argue which one is better. Im just saying i like CMI better.
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  16. The java version of minecraft, the OG version, I don't think will ever die. There are even users creating proxies and server software that works on java but allows the bedrock clients. The only use of bedrock honestly was to connect the consoles for crosplatform multiplayer.