Is Minecraft dying?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by dekema2, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. Please note that I have been out of the loop with Minecraft for over 2 years (after running servers since 2010). I left after Microsoft took over the helm and Bukkit shut down.

    I can count the number of times I have been to Bukkit, Spigot and the MinecraftForum in that time on one hand. But I ask you all today, is the end of the road near? I came back expecting to see Bukkit refreshed and Dinnerbone dropping updates like crazy, and it still looks like a morgue. It's depressing, honestly, and then when you have threads like this that seem to suggest Mojang is cracking down on servers in general, I don't know if I should get back in the business.

    Is it worth it? Is MC really dying? Or will there be a future when servers start to come back as a result of a rescindment of this disastrous DMCA take down?
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    It's the third highest selling video game ever. Minecraft isn't going anywhere, and anyone that says otherwise is delusional.
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  3. Minecraft is dying. is growing.
  4. Haha xD I find my self playing too much, instead of working on my server xD
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  5. IKR! Yesterday night, I was supposed to be working on my server, but nooo I have to be playing Too addicting.
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    No, you are.
  7. It will be once this eula goes up all our asses.
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  8. The Eula may just ruin a lot of good servers and I will never play minecraft again because of that and so will 2 million other people, which is the down fall of minecraft. Minecraft will turn into an inside joke. It will be played by hipsters 5 years later in some coffee shop...

    Please, Minecraft is not dying, let me get that clear. The eula is not the end, please stop over reacting. Server just need to change and find someway to stay alive also all of the "eula talk and the blacklist" talk is very new, so we can't tell right now. Mircosoft is not going to let their two billion dollar investment die.
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