Is minecraft dying?

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  1. After doing Extensive* research on the topic I have come to the conclusion that Minecraft: Java Edition IS NOT dying.

    Minecraft: Java is alive:
    Communities are still thriving! Sure a lot of the Minecraft servers are way past their prime, they are nowhere close to dead! Launch 1.12.2 or 1.13 and you can find thousands of servers to play on! Big servers like Hypixel is the largest Minecraft in terms of player count and right now (3 AM) they have 15,000 players online! Sure other big servers have died out like CubeCraft who not has 1,500 players compared to the 10,00 or so they used to have.

    Minecraft: Java is dying:
    Barely anybody plays this game! After 2015 most mature people left the game! Leaving more little kids to play the game. The increased density of younger players did drive out a lot of the older players, but the cool ones still stick around.

    No. Minecraft: Java Edition is not dying. Just because something is out of its prime and gets less attention does not mean it is dead. Just look at Micky Mouse! The original Micky Mouse was made almost 90 years ago! Yet you still see Mickey Mouse everywhere! Disney knows Mickey Mouse may be out of its prime, but Micky Mouse sure ist dead.

    * I only did a few minutes of research.

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  2. The complete gane might not be dying but smaller Minecraft servers are.
    Take primemc, 1 year ago they had over 6k players at peak hours, now they have 600 or less at peak hours.
  3. Exactly! With 1.13 coming out I think more poeplemay come back, or go from Bedrock to Java
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    thats the fault of the server tho. ppl come and go, mostly because the loose interest. if you want to grow or at least keep user numbers stable, you always need to get a constant stream of new players. if you fail that, you die.
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    Doesn't help that there are SOOOOOOO many servers now that the playerbase gets spread out so much as well,
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  6. Exactly. even if the player base didn't decline the increase in the number of servers would make it seem like fewer players are on each server, and on the whole game.
  7. Minecraft will not die out, it will only play less.
  8. bedrock edition seems primed to take over java edition at some point, with it being made in a more efficient language with multiple platform support. I'd predict that bedrock would eventually take over. But definitely not anytime soon.
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  9. Definitely. I would say in 2021 at the earliest.
  10. Ok, I know that I can get on about this for paragraphs, but I'm going to try to keep it short.

    People are very convinced that Minecraft Java Edition is dying, and the older and more experienced players are leaving for other games, more popular games. The servers that were huge back in 2013 and 2015 such as Mineplex, have seen a sharp decline in players due to the rising popularity of more competitive games like Fortnite, Overwatch, CSGO etc. Although some Mineplex players say that the servers shrinking administration is a key element to its decline, the players who were playing on Mineplex have moved on, and their possible comeback is very unpromising, to say the least. Probably one of the largest reasons I can think about is that 1.8 players aren't willing to upgrade, they are the most affected from the 1.9 combat update and have almost entirely not updated their client since 2016. This has lead to servers who operate on the latest version of the game, not seeing as many players as they might have hoped for, plus 1.8 is a much older version of Minecraft, leading to many people simply losing interest in the game due to having no updates that meet their desires. However, for the future of servers, It's safest to stay on the newest version, because every new player is a lot more likely to stay on more recent versions of Minecraft. Don't open a server on 1.8 or 1.7.9, because new players won't join those versions, and your investment won't be worth it.

    Kudos to the people who read the entire thing, I really went into detail with this post and I hope you like it as much as I did writing it. Likes and reactions are appreciated!
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  11. Search the forums and see the previous 10 discussions about this to get a consensus and some facts to help answer your question op.
  12. That's not really a good example as they were one of the first servers to get hit with the blacklist which really screwed them and their servers were primarily based off the YouTubers that each one was dedicated to it.
  13. That blacklist had nothing to do with this lose of players. This example happened last year, and the blacklist 2 years ago.
  14. What blacklist are you talking about? The EULA breakers blacklist?
  15. Minecraft is not death, there just not many good developers arround and every third advertisement and thread here is made by an 12 or 13 years old. thats the problem. I ve started playing minecraft with 10, thats okay. i wasnt trying to get developers and shit like that. no. i have played it 1.8 till now and the community here is nice. but here to many too young guys basicly spaming this place and if you look on big servers. they are dying because of to many guys with hack clients and if you are joining and getting killed 5 hours in que from guys with killaura or no nockback playing isnt fun anymore. 1.) To make minecraft great again you will need a healthy community. Dont say to 12 years old that they are stupid (Indeed. most of them are a little bid stupid) just teach them how to play minecraft and if they want a own server with 12 years tell them that they should wait and thats a stupid Idea. I really dont want to answer to 100 kids a day that doesnt know what they are doing. there are some good examples arround. A Guys asked if he got hacked and now we know that he basicly got hacked because of an unsecure setup. Another one is a Guy who asked how to set up a gamepannel on google cloud but he wasnt even able to understand how linux and the gamepannel works. stuff like that is a blame, we need more good explained tutorials and not every 12 years old should be able to run a server. she / he will just loose money and time and if it is getting really wrong it will may cause problems in his / her reallife too. things like that can be fighted by creating better guides and so on. 2.) We will need a good working anticheat integrated directly into spigot. then spigot will be selfhealing and hackers wouldnt have fun :devilish:. To basicly do that you will need a anticheat developed by everyone arround. If theres one internal anticheat thats working really good you can get a huge dataset from all servers on this world to train an ai based anticheat with more data then every good lordy hack client developer can even get. Hugh? Youve developed a Hack Client? Thats fine, an day and an autmaticly security update of the spigot servers its not working anymore. Thats an finally good idea. so you can make minecraft again and btw you will train some developers too.
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    We can get spigots source code easily just by running BuildTools, it wouldn't take them long to bypass it
  17. They can have the source, but nobody will developed a hackclient to work everyday 3 hours for updating it, then nobody will develop a hackclient because its to many work and may after an year of training the algorithm will basicly detectevery anticheat if you have datasets with millions of gigabyte . thats an ammount of data a single hack client dev wont get and basicly he wont be able to fight the anticheat and after an while he will give up. @Optic_Fusion1
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    Honestly? i see no reason for @md_5 to add an AI Anti-Cheat into spigot, there's plugins that act as an anti-cheat anyways also "millions of giabytes" 1000000GB is 1000 TeraBytes i don't think @md_5 or any server here has 1000 TeraBytes lying around just for an AI Anti-Cheat
  19. nope, @Optic_Fusion1 its called p2p and thats basicly something you should know. if every spigotmc server on this world is storring a minimal amount of data you have basicly enough space. and then you can basicly create the anticheat and train it maybe to on the p2p network. most servers are running 24/7 right?
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    I don't see @md_5 doing something like this, i see him rejecting this idea already