Is Minecraft still very single threaded? (Best CPU)

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  1. Is Minecraft still a very single threaded game? What would a better setup be, say to provide Minecraft server hosting? An E3-1270v3 w/ 32GB RAM or a Dual E5-2620 w/ 64GB RAM. I think the former would be better if it's still very single threaded, but if otherwise the latter might be great as well. The latter comes with a lower clock speed, but has its advantages too.
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    Minecraft is, and always has been single-threaded. So it can only make use of one core per instance. You are correct in thinking the E3-1270v3 is the better option for running a Minecraft server.

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  3. Just little things as chunk loading, network io and chat are partly asynchronous. Do you need good single threaded performance.
  4. Only one core per server? How come on ones been able to change that?
  5. It will be changed if
    • the spigot developers have much too much time left (very very much) - unlikely
    • mojang makes the minecraft server multithreaded - also unlikely
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  6. I should so write a guide on this to add to my collection...

    Already got one in the archive for release whenever I want ;)
  7. Minecraft is multi-threaded but not multi-cored its very different.
  8. I think you're mistaken. Minecraft is a single threaded application MEANING it can only make use of one core, so having 8 for example is useless.
  9. So if I got a vps with one core it would have the same performance as if I had 4 core 8 threads server ?
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    For hosting, you might have better results with E3-1270v3 w/ 32GB.
  11. You obviously would want more codes for flexibility but I'm just saying that Minecraft can only use one thread per instance.
  12. Depends on the scenario you're using it for.
    If the entire dedi is for one minecraft server, you would want the one with the best single threaded performance.
    If you have multiple servers on that dedi, you would want the one with the most cores.
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  13. Oh okay thanks
  14. The Minecraft server itself runs on a single core of the processor. However, I believe that the networking (Netty) uses additional cores to process networking functions.

    Fact is that both the E3-1270v3 and E5-2620 are very competant processors for hosting Minecraft. The E3-1270v3 is great as it has a higher clock speed and better single-threaded architecture, and we often recommend E3s for larger and heavily modded servers.

    However, if you're running a lot of servers on each individual node, you might prefer the E5-2620. Even though it's running at just 2.0GHz, a couple servers per core (or even one server per core depending on use case) won't hurt anything.
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  15. I'm more speaking as a whole from a programer perspective, since Minecraft started to use Netty connections are handled in multiple threads. Thus leaving the main server thread to handle Minecraft logic as in Entity loops and ect. The entire system uses multiple threads but can only utilise just a single core. Like I said early threads are different than cores.
  16. Every thread can be on another core. One core can handle multiple threads but not the other way round.
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  17. How do you specify which core an instance runs on?
  18. Absolutely no idea... @RSNET-Radic
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    The operating system will do a much better job of figuring this out than you can. It will balance the running processes between the available cores based on load.
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