1.15.2 Is modifying block or entity reach possible with a plugin?

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  1. Some mods add ways for you to get a longer reach—i.e., the ability to mine blocks, hit mobs, or right-click tile entities farther away. Forge even adds a block reach attribute to the game.

    Is the same possible to achieve with a plugin, or is this an aspect of Minecraft that requires a mod to alter? :coffee:
  2. I‘m fairly confident there are servers (not modded) where you can access a chest from farther away than usually possible. Since a packet is being sent to the server whenever a player performs a left-or right-click (for sure left, not sure about right), something like this should definitely be possible
  3. From what I know, you can't do this with spigot. There are forks of spigot that allow you to do this, but not spigot itself. Not directly at least.

    You might be able to use vectors to get blocks in front of the player, and manually fire EntityDamageByEntity event, but I doubt that would work for opening chests, or mining blocks without other complicated work arounds if at all.
  4. Thanks for the answer.

    What forks of Spigot allow you to do this? Can you do this with Paper? :coffee:
  5. I remember seeing something on MCMarket. I am not 100% sure though.
  6. No, and even so, you're gonna have inconsistencies with the client, i.e. hotbox of blocks won't be highlighted, as one of the more minor things
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  7. Currently, there is no way without Forge to change the reach. However, a current feature in the new PvP snapshots have a new attribute allowing you to change the reach on weapons/tools, I believe max is 6 or 7 blocks you can set, and their defaults are 3 or something. Though, they could change this any time.
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  8. you can do this with spigot, but it wont be the same as the native range. itll be affected by ping. using what someone suggested and manually calculate the hit stuff server side
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