Is Mojang lieing about Blacklisting Servers now?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by Fonzee9, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. The blacklist used to be real however Join the newest servers blocked and you'll notice it doesn't disconnect you and you can join successfully.

    Newest servers blocked:
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  2. They either will be blocked soon, a bug on Mojang's side or I heard that there is a bug that servers are able to abuse to bypass the blacklist.
  3. andrewkm

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    It's true, the blacklist is a lie.

    It's because you can bypass with SRV records. It's no secret...
    Many who are blacklisted simply bought 100s of 88 cent domains lol...

    Edit: I'm suddenly getting PMs about the bypass, I'll only be sharing detailed instructions with actual blocked server owners. It really shouldn't need instructions though... It's self explanatory *facepalm*.
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  4. I don't think it's all that self explanatory. What are the blacklisted server owners buying the domains for? To forward the real/public domain to the cheap domain (CNAME), which then points to the server IP(s)? I don't think that would work as the traffic is originating from the real domain. Otherwise, I am clueless in regards to SRV records as any server I've ever known, bungee or spigot, runs on the 25565 port never needing to use a SRV record. It's clearly a secret, or obscure at the very least, if you are getting many PMs. There's no reason not to inform the community here as if this method is already as known as you says it is, Mojang knows too.
  5. what are the conditions hey are blacklisting servers for?
    offline mode?
    online payments/false donations?
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  6. Lol wut. For breaking their EULA, that is selling packages/vote rewards containing anything not being cosmetic or global.
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  7. All of the above and more, you will get blacklisted for giving out rewards to the players who would vote for your server for example.
  8. That's wrong afaik. I haven't heard about offline mode or online payments /false payments being a reasoning for the blacklist.
  9. They've been rumbling about difference between "donations" and "payments" and offline servers, those will come next (very soon IMHO).
  10. sounds brutal, no way around it either.
    will the blacklist also apply to modded servers?
    or can you switch to offline mode to avoid the blacklist?
  11. Yes, also applies to modded servers.

    Nope, you can't switch to offline mode to avoid it.

    However you can downgrade to 1.6.4 to avoid it... But I think you won't be able to maintain a good player base on older versions.
  12. Or use SquidHQ? If you can get modded server and players to run modded client then you're all good.
  13. but doesn't SquidHQ have issues with requiring minecraft installed from Mojang?
    not sure about others but I only touch Technic Launcher.
  14. No you can't avoid the blacklist with switching. If your domain or up is blacklisted each client using the nettyconnection isn't able to join. 1.7.5-current.
  15. Some servers are getting around it.
    But mojang will fix that issue. They get better and better at it. Basically.... Server owners figure out a new way to bypass. And then mojang figures out a new way to stop there bypass.

    Arkham somehow has an avg of 300 players on there server even though there blacklisted.

    However, thats a far cry from there avg of 1000 players. Ive noticed that they dont show up on the first page of every vote site anymore.

    Similar with phanticmc. They announced thru there website that they intended to disregard the eula going forward. So they will likely be blacklisted again and lose there major playerbase.
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  16. MineCove


    Maybe not, if everyone's blacklisted this playerbase that is leaving would have no where else to go.
  17. Serayne, owner of Arkham, mentioned in another thread that he'd rather have a 500 player network making $1000 a day than a 1600 player network making $50 a day. That's how EULA compliance worked out for him.

    And I think that's working out fo rhim:

    Also idk where you got the "300 player average" number from, but that's just plain wrong. It doesn't even drop below 400, let alone average out at 300.
  18. Wrong. They would simply go to one of the millions of other servers that dont violate the eula. And are just as good or better cause they dont beg for cash.

    There are plenty of smaller servers that are way more awsome and run the same games as these big time servers. The only diffrnce is that they do it cause they love the game not cause they need your money
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  19. If he told you he had ocean front property in arizona youd belive that too huh?

    As far as the player count, there appers to be a discrepency with vote site info. The site i was looking at showed 250 some odd players and an avg of 300 players on per week. It wasnt a nice grapic like that. It was just a number in the info area.

    Thats nice graph. He seems to have a decent player community.i would encourage him to fix his shop and get off the eula blacklist. Cause once mojang fixes the bug allowing players to bypass the blacklist, him and his player base will be in for a sad wakeup call when his payer base drops to 0.
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  20. Joke's on you, a good portion of arkham's playerbase uses Squid.


    You know why? Because people get heavily rewarded for using it.

    PS: It's "Reviews", not "Reveiws"
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