Is Mojang lieing about Blacklisting Servers now?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by Fonzee9, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. Jokes on you. The majority of mc players are not using it. And when mojang fixes the bug that allows squid to work.. Arkham is left up a creek without a paddle and his players are skrewed.

    The mistype with reveiws is an inside joke.
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  2. Squid is a separate launcher that mods minecraft at runtime. It's not a bug. It's a feature.
  3. You said ot right... A good portion of arhams network. Not minecrafts network....

    Just arkhams network
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  4. Do you even host a server? Judging by what you said, I doubt you understand how much it costs running a production server.
  5. A feature that exploits a bug. When the bug is fixed... The feature wont work anymore
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  6. It's not a bug, it's just using a different netty than the vanilla launcher. Optifine and Forge clients already do this.
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  7. Yup. Ive run a server for 3 years now.
    Weve had at our peak 75 players avg.
    Ive stopped advertiseing it and have since focused more on other ventures. But i still run it for me and the few loyal players we have that join.
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  8. You mean to the million other servers who are violating the eula but mojang doesn't block them? There are server with ~300 players average blocked and other servers with ~700 players seem to not get a single message from mojang despite I've heard they were also reported to them multiple times.

    And now to your bug:
    0. Yes there is a bug with the blacklist impl. That could be fixed by mojang. Thats why some servers are starting to promote the SquidHQ launcher.
    1. A minecraft launcher can do whatever it wants. It can choose the code which will be executed fully on its own.
    2. SquidHQ is a minecraft launcher. So it can do the things mentioned in 1, so the code for the blacklist will sinply not be loaded.
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  9. Unless the put the code server side..
    Meaning dosnt rely on a launcher to decide.

    I can see them moving it serverside
    Since you need to join the the mc auth. Servers.. They could somehow use that system block blacklisted servers. I wont be surprised if they do that.

    As far as millions of other servers... Not all of them violate. The blacklist is a new thing from mojang. They will no doubt improve it cause microsoft wants us all to go to realms.

    We all know it. Its sad... But sadly true

    QUOTE="andrewkm, post: 1867256, member: 2"]It's useless talking to him. He's either a troll, or completely in another world. Just sit back, read his posts and have a laugh.

    Im a troll from another world. You were 100% right. :) howd you know?

    Edit: adrew removed his post i had quoted. So i unbracketed the quote.
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  10. That's even easier to bypass. Lol. That's what most people assumed what was going to happen and most people have prepared accordingly.
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  11. Im not a coder or a tech nerd. I know.basic java scripting. But thats it. Microsoft as a team of dedicated tech heads figuring out how to make it work. Now squidhq is out..and theyll figure out how to fix that too.

    There will be some kind of trick that mojang or microsoft will incorprate. By the end of the year theres a 99%chance squidhq wont work anymore.
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  12. floory565


    Try not to double post, let alone triple post @hooptiecoupe.
  13. Well, I'm a Developer by profession, I'm well accustomed to the server software and I'm very familiar with the Minecraft protocol (including the session system). And I can assure you. The servers will always be one step ahead of Microsoft. Servers can spoof any connection. Pretend to be someone else and even proxy connections so Mojang can't see their IP. And the launcher can't be blocked either.
    This is basically the same as an AAA game studio adding DRM to their game to prevent piracy. But all it really does is make it take a week longer. Those AAA game studios can't win, and neither can Microsoft/Mojang.
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  14. I didnt double or tripple post. Andrew deleted his posts. Making it look as if i did. I was simply repling back to some fun convo we were having back and forth :)
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  15. floory565


    I responded to a report about a triple post, not about inappropriate messages.
    That being said, your concern has prompted me to clean the thread.
    I can see deleted messages, and trust me, there were no deleted messages in-between your triple post.
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  16. If it would get serverside, there are multiple options:
    1. Get yourself a cheap vps use it as proxy for mojang connections.
    2. Use a set of public proxies.
    These two could theoretically be circumvented by mojang with VERY MUCH EFFFORT ONLY, so 3. is just in case mojang gets 20 more people who just constantly update their proxy blacklist (they and microsoft know they can't win that)
    3. Go offline-mode
    3a. Let users verify with teamspeak that they are no doubleaccounts as example, skins can be cached / loaded using other api's.
    (((4. Get the whole thing away from mojang (only if many server owners combine) Set up an alternative auth server for onlinemode and use for example the SquidHQ launcher to spread it.)))

    There are not at millions of servers.
    If you are about servers with only >200 players there are at max 2000 servers outside and I think at least 1/4 is violating the eula because a) they never really heard about it, b) they think its a silly idea from mojang and they can't block them all / catch especially their server.

    Currently it also looks like mojang is not blocking new servers, but just the already blocked servers tries to circumvent the blacklist.

    Next there are also techniques fora server to just look like they're conform with the eula but they actually are not. But I don't know what these techniques are, I just heard from some servers they'd use some techniques like these.

    Additionally mojang seems to just create new rules for the arkham network to have a valid reason to block them (voting reward is not allowed anymore in their intern list).
    But actually they block the arkham network because the owner's lawyer has contacted mojangs lawyers.
    As an eula can be det up by any company, but if it is along the laws is unknown. In my opinion mojang is doing too much here, being like a monarchy.
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  17. I really feel bad for community in general cause of this. I have written 3 articles to date about the eula issues. Disscussing both sides. The good and the bad.
    I think there is a lot of good in it. Ive seen server votes sites showcase a larger variety of servers since the blacklist. Before it.. I always saw the same p2w servers at the top of all the sites.

    Smaller servers didnt even have a chance.
    Atleast they have a small chance to be seen.
    Ive also noticed that bidwars have dropped to more affordable ranges for the majority of servers. So.... It is a good thing. And its bad in others.
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  18. Not really. As those smaller servers usually are even more pay2win because their money background is not as large as it needs to be to just have some cosmetics. Cosmetic content on smaller servers isn't bought as often as there are not as many people who would see YOUR useless cosmetic stuff.
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  19. "more affordable"



    Is this what you call affordable?

    You know the biggest joke of it all? Every single one of those servers is not EULA compliant. But Mojang doesn't give a shit. Mojang only cares about 3 servers. Fucking lol
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  20. Mineplex, Hypixel (conform) and Arkham (not conform)
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