Is Oracle Good?

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  1. Im totally new to coding and i plan to start off with java. I know oracle has tutorials, but they look to complex. Do you think think oracle is the way to start or would you suggest something else. Do you think oracle explains everything well?
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    really depends on what kind of learner you are. if you are ok with learning by yourself, they are pretty good. if you normally take longer to understand something, it might be easier if somebody else explains it, via a more informal resource, like a youtube video. note that the quality of these videos lacks extremely. if you don't know java or any other lang yet, don't even look into spigot tutorials. those will get you started with a load of bad practices. try to grasp the language basics first (objects, variables, methods, inheritance, stuff like that).
    a programming language looks complex at first, especially if you never did anything like that before. you will need to get into the right mindset, a problem solving mindset. once you get that, java just feels like another language, like for me, german and english are.
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    Java is originally by Sun Microsystems, now acquired by Oracle. So yes, it is a good place to start, and yes it explains everything very well, I'd imagine.

    Update: As Minidigger pointed out, it could depend on your style of learning. For example, a lot of people are visual these days and need videos.
  4. If you dont mind asking where did you learn java from? i personally wouldnt learn through youtube cause well anyone can post stuff on it. If you have ever used oracle how much would you give it from a scale of 1-10 where 10 is highest?
  5. Most youtube videos about teaching how to code in java for spigot usually just jump to it requiring you to already have the basic knowledge of java as they continuously use some new methods without explaining them. I started with these tutorials that I linked below (it's the full playlist) as they go through the basics of java and as they progress they will explain everything step by step, but I don't recommend you stick with these tutorials soley, as the playlist is quite old and the more advanced features could be deprecated or removed, my suggestion is stop at video 12 and from there it will probably make it easier for you to learn from written tutorials like the ones on oracle.
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    its hard to compare us two I guess since I had a deep understanding of how programming works before jumping at my first language (java). for me, I just had to learn the syntax and some general concepts, I did that using the nuts and bolts tutorials and jumped straight into code.
    I am generally a doer. I learn by doing. I don't reach much resources, I do stuff, hit my head against a wall, google the problem and continue.
    so it really depends on how you learn. for me the tutorials were pretty helpful. like a 8 or 9?
    good for the base stuff, the more advanced stuff you pick up while you get experience.
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    I strongly advise to read books. If you're wanting to be a software engineer, read books. These books may be bigger - and ones of which are not related to Java specifically - but they explain the in depths to writing Agile code. You need to understand the language, but also how to write clean, agile code under a good system design.
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  8. "Robert Martin clean code" might be a book you should check out like Inkzz said.