Is OVH Game protection permanent?

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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if OVH Game Server has permanent protection for Minecraft, and are all ports automatically locked when I buy the dedicated server?
  2. OVH Game protection is the exact same as the standard protection with some extra rules on the ports your game runs on.
    It is probably one of the better out of the box protection but has the major flaw of it not being managed nor tunned per your needs, but that's expected with the price you are paying.
    You can switch between sensor and permanent protection, unless you receive multiple attacks daily,sensor is best.
  3. I dont even have the game plan. is owned by OVH and they sell the older servers here as they get taken away from OVH.
    I receive at least 5 ddos attacks a week. They give you unlimited mitigation system access. So your not being load balanced, its being thrown into a fake Ip adress instead. Go to my tutorial here after you buy your server for securing your bungeecord from hackers:

    Edit: The linked thread wasnt just thrown together. It was tested by someone attempting to hack into my server, and they failed epicly
  4. standard OVH is not as good against attacks that target the game server, the VAC may think they are legit when they are in fact, DDoS packets.
    This was the only reason game OVH released, these servers are in a separate switch and they have special rules against those attacks that go through VAC.
    Of course, if your attackers are standard script kiddies then standard OVH will most likely do just fine, but just take into account you can't upgrade from standard OVH to game OVH without getting a new server.
  5. Soyoustart offers unlimited(no matter the amount of packets) mitigation protection as ive said. Your thinking too hard
  6. If your running a minecraft server the only way to hack into it logically is through open ports on the network.
    DDos isnt really an issue nowadays with minecraft... at least from my experience
  7. Just because you are protected against big attacks, doesn't mean it will stop them, all your capacity is pointless if the rules do not catch unwanted packets, you can either buy from OVH or SoYourStart, what you want is to be able to enable the GAME firewall.
    However, the support at soyoustart is even worse than the one you could possibly get at OVH, so it all comes down to what you can afford and truly expect from the service.
  8. Again, its a mitigation network, They are directed to fake ips. Never once have i been shutdown in the 1.5 years ive been advertising and gaming. Back in the day sure, but not now... You dont need support unless your Node is down. Your server is your server, they dont set it up for you.
  9. What are you thinking of getting?
  10. "Again, its a mitigation network, They are directed to fake ips."
    I'm sorry for calling you out but you definitely have no clue what you are talking about, what I said earlier should give OP clear advice on what he needs.
  11. You arent calling out anything. The fact you cant accept that a reliable mitigation network exist is unknown to me.
    The OP can choose what they wish. But im saying OVH Gaming servers are not needed and overly expensive.
    I pay $43 a month for 16 gigs of ram with ssd drives.
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  12. Hello, thank you for your thoughts, I keep Minecraft Hosting, and I try to protect it as well as possible from DDoS attacks, and I wanted to go buy AMD Ryzen 7 3800x, does anyone know if all ports are locked on GameServer when you buy, I am interested in getting the OVH Game Server :p
  13. Nothing is locked. Its your server
  14. I think when Game Firewall is turned on I need to unlock the ports for the Minecraft server for example 25565 port.
  15. If you need DDOS protection, I highly suggest