Is OVH VPS Classic 1 good for just Git and Jenkins CI?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by HyperPlay, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. I used to run my jenkins on a vps similar to that size, you may run into out of memory problems, but other than that it should be fine.
  2. It's memory consuming??
  3. yeah when making builds it does use some memory.
  4. Ok.

    I have ordered it and waited 30 minutes and they still haven't charged me and started the server. I did use and to my understanding they randomly ask for ID, but only for dedicated servers. Are they going to ask for it with a VPS Classic 1, because I am not sending any of my photo IDs to anyone, mainly because I don't trust them to keep it secure.
  5. I've ordered quite a few VPSs and servers from OVH, they *shouldn't* ask for any ID, at least in my experience.
  6. They only ask for people in the UK, apparently because the UK Data Protection Act forces them too, although I can't find anything in the law saying that anywhere and none of the UK hosts ask for that, it's only these lot.
  7. Ok so they sent me an email saying I need to make the payment, although I have put in my debit card twice before this email. The page came to a receipt of the order, apparently still waiting for me to pay. The page is stuck on:
    [​IMG] We check your payment manually

    So does this mean I have to wait till monday with my browser open for them to check it??
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    They do, Both SoYouStart and OVH always ask me for it even though I use 100% legitimate details.
  9. Are you in the UK?
  10. It doesn't matter where you live you should be asked whenever you signup on SoYouStart and OVH's websites. If not well your lucky then.
    They do it to stop fraud.
  11. I would recommend something more powerful, like a VPS from ramnode (the ones with E3's).
    You should know this better than anyone, applying as developer for professional network.
  12. There are loads ways to build that without consuming a lot of memory.
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    Yes, But an american friend tried and also got asked for the verification stuff.
  14. OVH verification is easy guys - I passed it as 15 years old without any kind of parents permit or shit, no trouble. (I am 16 now)
  15. He probably used then as their support state it only happeneds for the UK.
  16. What did you have to verify?
  17. Anyone know if a passport is enough to count as verification to OVH?
  18. When I bought a vps classic one, I didnt had to verify anything.

    Maybe use instead of
  19. Well then dont order from them if you don't trust them you will have to do verification for the VPS
    Yeah but more verification may be required had to send CC with last 4 digits wiped