Is paying YouTubers worth it?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by RicochetBen, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. I've been looking through MCMarket for YouTubers to pay to record for a boost in playercount but is this really worth it? Is there a better, cheaper alternative?
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    You wont get any advertising cheap anymore. I recommended server list slots.
  3. I recently contacted a youtuber for my hosting company for advertisement. They wanted $5,500 for one video, mind you this person (whom I won’t name) only had 107,000 subscribers. It could of got us some recognition, however, if I was owning a server and could get a slot for cheaper - I’d go with that.
  4. lol paying 5,5k for one video is insane if he have only 107k subs and If he is not even recording minecraft videos than it's insanely high price.
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  5. The ones you get from mcmarket, no.. nothing much is worth it over there. Stop getting scammed.
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  6. Oh god, I forgot about the MCM “youtubers” or the “manager” of these big youtubers.

    As @mrfloris said, don’t go for youtubers on a marketplace. For one, you’re more than likely to get scammed. Two, if a youtuber is advertising that he’ll advertise your service, not a lot of people are going to care about the ad considering he does a different one on every video.

    It’s generally hard to find a youtuber as most are occupied doing promotions for somebody else. Don’t give up though, keep reaching out and you’ll find one.
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  7. As someone who is regularly chatting with YouTubers (both MC and non-MC), your best bet is to get involved in someone's community in some way. Get to know them and their content. Make sure it's a good fit for your server, and your server is a good fit for their channel. Don't just blindly hire someone cause they have a lot of subs.

    When you build a relationship and show you know what they are all about, you'll have a much better chance of hiring someone who will be excited to promote you. I've now interviewed three different people on this subject, including Spigot's own Gianluca, and it's clear to me that if you know your stuff ahead of time and aren't just blindly asking to hire someone, and if you show professionalism in your outreach, you're more likely to land a great promotion gig with them.

    I'm getting ready to hire a group of YouTubers, one who quoted me at $400 for an hour long live stream. I don't know how someone can ask for $5,500 with only 107k subs.
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  8. Thank you for your reply, I see what you mean by avoiding randomly hiring somebody. I was mainly looking for $5 or so I can throw at a couple people and see what happens but $400 for a livestream isn't too bad actually- A livestream probably works the best.

    That definitely makes sense- Nobody would care if it's a trailer in the beginning of a video. Do you think hiring someone (or a few people) to repost a trailer I have bought/made work?
  9. People like playing with people, it's so easy to start a few channels with a few friends, and get their friends involved as well. Cross promote eachother a bit, and hold an event. You get those friends, and their friends.. and we can play on each other their servers. We all grow.
  10. I'm presuming that you have a low budget and that you can't afford to throw away $500+ on something that may, or may not work out for you. But as with basically anything, start (really) small and grow from there. You can't just hire a YouTuber or Twitch streamer and see a bunch of players join, well, they will but you still have to offer a good experience. Also what if you decide to hire someone who plays Minigames to make a let's play on your 1.13 SMP, the players that will join your server wouldn't be very interested. Besides, can your server(s) hold the number of people that your paid promotion is going to bring? I'd recommend stress testing with various different amounts of players, see how your server would hold with 10 people, then if what goes well try 50. Tell these players to do everything they can to try to crash your server, so you know where to invest money and how many players your server can handle which will tell you how much money you need to spend on hosting.

    If you are brand new to servers, I'd recommend publishing your server on voting sites and making a really appealing looking advertisement. You're likely to get about a dozen players online concurrently at best, and it would be easier to manage and run because you could gain some experience without putting thousands of your hard earned money in something that's extremally risky. That's just my advise, from trying to do the same thing years ago and eventually giving up after not really knowing what I was doing. But I've learned a lot since then, and am able to give some valuable advice based on my past mistakes.
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  11. Nobody uses slots anymore, they're useless. Looking at right now and one of the servers only has 34 uses online.

    Simply putting your server up on a server list won't get it anywhere.

    The best way to go is through YouTube advertisement. If you'd like me to show you some good places to take a look then PM and I'll try give you a hand.
  12. Effectivement, ça peut vraiment aider mais ça dépend du montant est du nombre d'abonée est de vue par video.

    / I Use Google Translate

    Indeed, it can really help but it depends on the amount is the number of subscribers is seen by video.
  13. I don't know why a server wouldn't use dynamic slots anyway to prevent spam. Keep it low, if 5 ppl join at once, don't do anything. If a person or two join at once, maybe bump the slot space up by 1 .. so there's always space for a couple more ppl, but bot floods get 95% blocked.
  14. What? He meant slots as in sponsored slots.
  15. Shows you I need coffee 24/7, apologies. Thanks for pointing this out.
    /me leaves the thread
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    Hiring good youtubers pays off. I’m not talking about those youtubers on mc-market. They’re an exeption.
  17. Hire good youtubers that upload good content. Also, don't just look at subs, look at how many views they get per video and how many active comments to determine if their audience is active and worth paying per video for. Most youtubers of around 50k subs with around 10k+ views will charge per video or do some kind of pack of 10 or 12. Most of the I have tried have similar prices of around $50 per video or a few hundred for a pack. They won't come cheap but they will help.

    p.s - don't use the ones off of mcm, actually write up a proposal in an email or discord message to the youtuber or their manager and come at them professionally. Saying "come join my server we will pay" is not professional.
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  18. I will do it for free. I have 10 subs.
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