Is paying YouTubers worth it?

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  1. I've been looking through MCMarket for YouTubers to pay to record for a boost in playercount but is this really worth it? Is there a better, cheaper alternative?
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    You wont get any advertising cheap anymore. I recommended server list slots.
  3. I recently contacted a youtuber for my hosting company for advertisement. They wanted $5,500 for one video, mind you this person (whom I won’t name) only had 107,000 subscribers. It could of got us some recognition, however, if I was owning a server and could get a slot for cheaper - I’d go with that.
  4. lol paying 5,5k for one video is insane if he have only 107k subs and If he is not even recording minecraft videos than it's insanely high price.
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  5. The ones you get from mcmarket, no.. nothing much is worth it over there. Stop getting scammed.
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  6. Oh god, I forgot about the MCM “youtubers” or the “manager” of these big youtubers.

    As @mrfloris said, don’t go for youtubers on a marketplace. For one, you’re more than likely to get scammed. Two, if a youtuber is advertising that he’ll advertise your service, not a lot of people are going to care about the ad considering he does a different one on every video.

    It’s generally hard to find a youtuber as most are occupied doing promotions for somebody else. Don’t give up though, keep reaching out and you’ll find one.
  7. As someone who is regularly chatting with YouTubers (both MC and non-MC), your best bet is to get involved in someone's community in some way. Get to know them and their content. Make sure it's a good fit for your server, and your server is a good fit for their channel. Don't just blindly hire someone cause they have a lot of subs.

    When you build a relationship and show you know what they are all about, you'll have a much better chance of hiring someone who will be excited to promote you. I've now interviewed three different people on this subject, including Spigot's own Gianluca, and it's clear to me that if you know your stuff ahead of time and aren't just blindly asking to hire someone, and if you show professionalism in your outreach, you're more likely to land a great promotion gig with them.

    I'm getting ready to hire a group of YouTubers, one who quoted me at $400 for an hour long live stream. I don't know how someone can ask for $5,500 with only 107k subs.

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