Is Piracy Justifiable?

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Is Piracy Justifiable?

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  1. This thread has now been summarized and can be accessed here:

    With the rise in piracy inside and outside of the Spigot community, I present this basic question: is piracy justifiable?

    Some examples of piracy include: leaked premium resources, nulled Xenforo, leaked builds, leaked website code, etc. Basically anything that isn't intended to be redistributed that ends up being redistributed.

    Disclaimer: this information is being collected for an upcoming article of mine. We will always ask for your permission prior to quoting you or your post.

    To the moderators: I am aware that discussions about pirated, nulled, or otherwise illegal software is prohibited. This thread is purely for data collection purposes. If for some reason this nature of content is unpermitted, I will accordingly take the thread down.
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  2. Strahan


    Depends. I pirate anime because many of the shows I want to watch aren't licensed yet for North American distribution, which means no translation. As I am not fluent in Japanese, if I want to watch a show that hasn't been licensed I need to download a fansub (i.e. pirate it).

    Leaking premium resources and nulling Xenforo, that's just being cheap. Especially getting leaked plugins, as most are under fifty bucks. I don't accept any justification for that, as the only inhibitor is money. If you can't get something legit (and I don't mean because you are poor, lol, I mean because there is no channel for acquisition available), then I can see turning to not so legit means.

    PS: That said, I believe the current system of punishment for copyright violation is absolutely absurd. I remember reading articles back in the day about music pirates getting sued for millions, like they have to pay $50000 multiplied by the number of MP3s or some craziness.

    It should be like a $1000 fine per overall instance paid to the state, then the MSRP costs of the product you stole + 50% or something paid to the affected party. So if I downloaded 20 Bluray movies worth $15 each, I'd pay a $1000 fine and pay $450 to the IP holders.
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  3. Tux


    I view piracy partially as a good thing. It means your resource has great interest. Now all you have to do is to compete with them, which is possible if you continually update your resources with new features. If you're not doing that, you're not well-committed to your resource.

    Granted, my resources only receive updates every few months, but that's because they are generally low-maintenance in nature and they're all free.
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  4. MineCove


    Flat out piracy? No.

    Pirating and then purchasing a product after it's been deemed good quality? Yes.
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  5. That can be argued. Elaborate.
  6. Strahan


    Too bad there is no way to acquire metrics on that. I'd bet a lot of people with that intention never quite seem to get around to the actual purchase part, lol.
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  7. MineCove


    If the product that you pirate is of proper quality, you should purchase it. In the end, it's not quite pirating long run to demo software

    That's true, most don't actually purchase, in which case that is genuine pirating a quality product which is not ok
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  8. From a purely moral standpoint, if you pirate something because it is the only way to get it (abandonware, obscure old videogames, ect), or something you plan on paying for as soon as possible, it is probably justifiable (not that it will hold up in court).

    Pirating to save money is theft, no matter what unicorn sparkles you glue to it.
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  9. It depends. For example, I used to download movies/pirate em if I cant buy them cuz they're that old (Shawshank was my favorite, 1994, 'nuff said), but if there is a way, I wont pirate it.

    If I want a plugin that I can buy I'll buy it instead of pirating it, and if there is a plugin that I cant get cuz you used to by them but they arent available for some reason, Ill pirate it.

    So, if you cant get your hands on it legally (I think pirating is illegal), pirating is wrong. If you cant, why not?
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  10. I understand some people are not going to pay or can't afford it, and that's fine. Which is why I have it for free also.

    My problem is someone taking something I made, putting it on some website, and then updating it as if it were theirs. They just take without My permission and put it on some sketchy website as if they are trying to get back at me for putting a price

    Where are all your articles?
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  11. As soon as there is something of a good quality, chances are it'll get pirated in no time.

    I had leaked plugins with intention to test them out, but they were perfect and lived up to my expectations and bought them. To elaborate, I tried cracked provotes and it worked well, afterwards I bought it, ask the developer if you want to. To answer your question, my opinion is that piracy can be justified if you only test it out, but we know the reality. I tried some, bought some. I do it to test the flexibility of the plugin, not bring financial loss to the developer.
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  13. Any other comments?
  14. Maximvdw


    When I disable leaks (what I usually do after it gets downloads for two reasons 1. To fuck with them because they spend time configuring it and 2. To troll the cracker that thought he finally cracked it) I get around 5-10 more sales in the upcomming days (daily).
    People use plugins to entertain their players, when those plugins fail .. they want to find a solution.. resulting usually in buying the plugin altogether.

    Combine the above with additional 'advantages' such as a new update or xmas sale and those numbers increase drastically.

    EDIT: Checked logs of this large table (took a few min) - data is max 180days old
    turns out about 8-13% of the IP and port combinations (since shared hosts have same ip) using a leak that got disabled end up using a legit version (can't have the exact percentage as it would take 10-20 minutes). 8% may seem small, but this is actually quite a lot
    For smaller leaks (usually friends giving to friends) it is about 45% - also because most of the times they don't know its not allowed :/
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  15. As with your free vs paid question, I'd say it depends upon the situation. I used to be a major(ish) pirate (10+ years ago), because the software I wanted was either 1) Too expensive, or 2) had very limited trial usage. In my opinion, you can't test out a piece of software when you're severely limited on what you can do. I don't mean like a 50mb limit on file editing or something like that. I can't think of any good example off the top of my brain case, at the moment.

    With that being said, I've NEVER used pirated/leaked MC plugins/Xenforo stuff. I can see leaked plugins being a popularity meter of sorts, because if someone wants to leak your plugin and it's downloaded, that means there's a demand for it. I've never used pirated/leaked MC plugins or Xenforo stuff because I don't know Java/php/whatever well enough to know if someone put a backdoor in somewhere. And I would not be surprised if someone is running around doing that, just to take over people's systems or mess with their stuff. I actually have a friend who is an IT expert kinda person who runs nulled Xenforo and leaked plugins.

    As someone said above, about anime or movies not being available in their country, I'd call that justifiable. But piracy just because you don't want to pay for (Yes, I realized I said I have done that in the past. I understand what that means I said about myself.)
  16. As I see again, you're in a one-man battle against leakers :p
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  17. Well it depends on what it is really, I am a firm believer that we pay for the quality, as such most of my plugins i use are premium, in hopes that it drives the devs more to make a better product. I hate people who leak maps/plugins etc that people have put their blood sweat and tears into.

    However its a different story for massive corporations, I pirate movies,tv shows, music as do 70% of you all do whether you like to admit it or not.
    But a big factor in this decision as well as most other australians (articles have been written here on the exact same issue) is that the reason i pirate digital content is because of the insane price hike of ALL digital content in Australia for NO reason. you pay $15 a month for netflix? we will pay $30+ with half the library of content. your Playstation or xbox games on release are $60? for Australians they are $110. there is NO justification for this and it is for all digital content so most of us refuse to pay it when we know other countries have normal prices.
  18. "Piracy" is a quite vast subject because it can take many form. A bit like "i work on computer" well ... mean every and nothing.

    Why illegal download is a good thing (yup):
    - Today, demos and trial are always forgotten, you can try but you have to pay and if ever you feel scamed ... you lost. Actually i never buy a game without tried it earlier, i like it, i buy it.
    - I don't know about your country, but in france, majors are the worst thiefs ever. Law are quite clear about old movies etc ... but they don't care. Why buy something what should be free?
    - Discovering new things. French television is horrible about series. (like, 2 season of Sherlock in 3 week in disorder: 6 3 5 2 4 1. Or MrRobot in a month ...). Waiting the day of: rush all StarWars ...

    (see, just here piracy took 3 differents faces)

    Why "piracy"/stealing should be banned:
    - Some people are going well to far, ie: youtube. go find an episode of anything and you'll see that's a rerere...rerepost, spamming and cie. Had the bad idea to fall asleep looking a fanmade futurama, now i'm thinking about making another account.
    - Most of things are badly done, you can't even know who why where. Did a post earlier on how have spigot 1.10.2 by buildtool, with a small research, you can see many site who redistribute spigot without any credit, so by the way, can't trust them
    - If ever you like you should buy it, and today, so many things can be killed only because many people hasn't this minimum respect.

    About plugin leaks ... Good because by this way we can try them, bad because only a small percentage will be fair and buy if they like.
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