Is Piracy Justifiable?

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Is Piracy Justifiable?

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  1. Yes, because...

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  2. No, because...

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  1. No offense, but you're not really justifying your position here. Elaborate.
  2. No offense but Im offended
  3. Starting your statement off like this completely nullifies your opinion.
  4. Piracy is something that has always existed, and will always exists. There is no way to completely stop it without bothering with the loyal customer.

    Aside from that, Piracy isn't bad, in some cases. If I got a penny for every time I download a pirated program before buying it just to make sure its worth the money I'm going to spend, I'll be rich now. Well, maybe not that much. But piracy itself isn't bad.

    If people were responsible, they would just use piracy if the needed to use a certain program just once, and never going to use it again. That way, they won't pay $200 for just one use of the program. Or maybe, as I said, to check if it's what you need and if it's as good as other people says. Lots of time people pirate, for example, a TV series. And then they end up paying for the Blu-Ray or DVD because its better for them to watch it on there instead of having to fight against a crappy page on the internet that has it. At this point in time, they already know they like the show, so they aren't wasting money on something they are not going to see because they didn't have the opportunity to check first if the'll like it.

    Piracy has its pros and cons, but it's impossible to stop and it's not as bad if users are responsible and they somehow support the creator of the content they are pirating.
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  5. With my 2 younger brothers I often played a game called "Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II - The Rise of the Witch-King". Sadly my brothers damaged the DVD a lot by putting it on the desk or other places instead of inside the case. After some time we had to bought the game again because of this. Last year we grabbed the game out and wanted to play again but same problem, not in the case and with lots of scratches so I searched on Amazon but what happened, around 100€ for a new copy. After some research I found out that EA sold the rights on the title "Lord of the Rings" to another company and so no longer has the right to sell copies of their old games. I maybe have to say that the DVD has a very badass copy protection (SafeDisc 4.60) so it isn't easily possible to make a working digital copy of the medium.
    This was a situation there I thought about if it's justifiable now to load a illegal copy of the game.
  6. When people charge as much for their plugins as people do real games I can understand why some people don't feel like they can justify spending the money and turn to privacy.
  7. Lol all of you trying to stand your ground or some shit, you've all downloaded a song you liked at some point in time so you're all dirty little criminals
  8. I asked for justifications (read the thread), regardless of whether or not they are good.
  9. I was ask to share my opinion so here it goes;

    I have been on both sides to where I benefited from using pirated software and I struggled from my software being pirated. I am now strongly antipiracy, I try to stand up for it as best as possible removing hundreds of plugins and taking done dozens of sites.

    The only reason why piracy I feel would ever be okay in the slightest bit would be to test the plugin but even for that there is other ways to test the plugins like reading reviews, seeing if they have a test server, asking friends who have bought the plugin before, and a lot of other stuff. I do know a couple of users that used pirated software to test the plugin but then paid for the plugin in full. I do not agree with this at all but a tiny part of me does see a logical reason for this.

    As for antipiracy, I believe if you are not making a plugin for the need of profit then you should at least post it with the source code like @drtshock. If you are planning on selling a plugin for the need of profit then you should try your best to eliminated piracy. I am a plugin manager which means developers hire me to oversee everything about their plugin from features to advertising, from support to piracy. One of a strong suits are piracy. Piracy can never be completely eliminated and you should try to make an uncrackable plugin. You should make the plugin as strong as possible. The majority of my antipiracy other than obfuscation and our piracy panel would be takedowns. I have several methods of takedowns the simplest being a DMCA and my largest case was setting a physical date to appear in court (got put on hold due to personal issues). With hard work I was able to get my plugin to 0 leaks on any websites and if there was a website that didn't blacklist my plugin it would be removed in 15 minutes or less.

    Piracy is never something that is okay because developers work hard to make their own plugins. I have seen drastic changes in profit from when the plugin is leaked and when there is no leaks. You should never download a pirated file because you don't know if its safe.

    I hope this helps enlighten people on my opinion on piracy.
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  10. Piracy is illegal for a reason. I'm not against it for movies however, cause I watched pirated movies all the time. i just think it depends on what's being pirated.
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  11. No is not Justifiable, because is illegal
  12. Piracy is illegal. Although piracy may not be beneficial or ethical, it can demonstrate the quality of the work from content creators. If the resource is popular, then people may attempt to get their hands on it in any way they can.

    I believe piracy in general should be fought against. Why should I put my time and effort in something so that people can take it without giving respect back?
  13. I disagree.

    You see, if I pirate a plugin, who is harmed? No one.

    If I steal a bigmac, I just stole 6$ of food from flipping mcDonalds.

    Its not the same as the real world.
  14. Demo shouldnt have all features, I can easily configure an unconfigureable program (Not allowed to say how) and get rid of the message
  15. Wanna know how I antipirate my plugins (Ive done this once)

    I make it so that to antipirate you have to edit part of the code in a different file, and the different file can only be edited by editing the main file.

    Its like a lock on a lock loop
  16. If you put it that way, then you're wrong. Somebody can get hurt if you steal something or not. It doesn't matter if you steal a candy bar or a expensive car. The point is that you're stealing.
  17. Are you seriously asking who is hurt?

    Let's say a game developer creates an AAA title. The game is released, and the total cost of the game, marketing, advertisement, etc, comes to a total of $25,000,000.

    Now, let's say half of the game's copies 'sold' were pirated. That's half of the revenue cut in half.

    So who is it hurting? The content creators. There's a reason why things have a price tag, so people buy them. You shouldn't be stealing people's hard work, that's not justifiable. What if you created a video game and wanted people to pay for it. Would you be happy that someone stole it? No, you wouldn't.
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  18. You gotta realize that if you spend 25 million on a game, the game is going to have alot of work in it. Maybe enough to make your money back.

    I know a game developer who makes simple games and never touches them again, but he still gets money flow from them

    Now, if you pirate a plugin I doubt the developer will notice
  19. What are you saying?
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