Solved is player in List<>

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  1. So I ran into a little problem,

    In my "Vanish" class I have the following
    Code (Text):
    public List<String> vanish = new ArrayList<String>();
    Putting players into the list and getting them out no problem but when I try to check if a player is in the list from another class it always returns 'null'


    Anyone knows what I do wrong? :3
    Thank you!
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    Change the List type to Player then, or add them by their name... If you're storing per restarts, I'd recommend using UUID

    Also, you can shorten the code to:

    Code (Text):
    public boolean isVanish(Player p) {
        return Vanish.getInstance().getVanish().contains(p));
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  3. Null? You return true or false, it won't be null. Did you mean you got a NullPointerException?

    Also, use a Set rather than List, it's faster. And static is not an access modifier, so you shouldn't use it to access the vanish collection.
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  4. Thank you for your reply! :D

    I'll change it to UUID and test your way Ty! :D
  5. Didn't work @Gianluca

    This is in my current 'Vanish' class


    But it isn't blocking the command at all :p
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  6. You have to check the first word of the event's command/message only, and I don't think the message includes a '/'.
  7. And also make it final, cause why tf not.
  8. Choco


    And also make it private, cause why tf not.
    (I like this game)
  9. You can also make it transient, cause why tf not.
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  10. You can also make it an object, cause why tf not.

    (Clearly have not understood this game, second thoughts have gone into this reply)
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  11. Make it volatile, because why not :D
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  12. Then its settled....
    private final transient volatile Set<UUID>

    Good work guys!

    EDIT: I forgot one, lol...
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  13. I ment the Boolean method I created always returned false. so the command isn't blocked at all.
    But since nothing is working I'm interested in Set.
    I'll search it up Ty
  14. Choco


    Jeez... it's almost like we're on Reddit or something
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  15. Reddit wishes it was this good
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  16. if supported by your java level, then infer arguments in the set, (generics)

    cause why tf not

    Code (Java):

    Set<UUID> uuids = new HashSet<UUID>();
    Set<UUID> uuids = new HashSet<>();
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  17. FrostedSnowman

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    LOL. i was actually dying laughing with all the latest comments.
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  18. What about static?
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  19. Leave...
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  20. Why tf not?