Is player spoofing worthwhile?

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  1. Many big servers do it such as Skyblocky just to name a few. Players don't want to join a server with only 60-90 players, they would prefer a better number like 100+ but nothing too ridiculous. I want to know your perspectives on player spoofing. Is it good or bad or is it one of those things you just have to do?
  2. I think it honestly depends, I personally think if it's unnoticeable it's harmless like 90 legit 10 spoofed. But if it's a server with actually two people on.. then having a 40000 player count is not ok...
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  3. You can probably make it unnoticeable if you go on something like a multiplier of lets say 25% but make it so that the multiplier gradually increases from 0% to 25% once 10 players are online but caps out at 25% when there are 30 players on.
  4. If you can get away with it, sure. Skyblocky is really obvious about it.
  5. I mean the thing is, it's not what we think, it's what the server's players think
  6. *software bugs this hapens:*
    +25%, 1 player online okay.

    List: 1,25 players.
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  7. That's why you just use stuff which can show your spoofed count, perhaps through a placeholder? Custom /list with a placeholder would solve all your problems.
  8. I don't think you can show a decimal for your playercount
  9. Omnivion


    cast to int
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  10. Or round :)
  11. TitanicFreak


    As a server owner who did spoof playercounts in the past, I'll just say this.

    Spoofing does indeed give you more players when you advertise, the only downside is that you will be frowned upon by practically every last server owner (even some players actually) for doing so.
  12. In my opinion it is not really worth it since the amount you can usually get away with spoofing is barely enough to get you any extra players. Spoof some more and it's obvious, spoof less and it's like you're not even doing it. Servers that average less than 90 players should not even think about it.
  13. I bet @Aschorren doesn't really care what people think while he's making bank though. It's just "workin' the block game" as some people call it. I mean it is possible to make it so that the spoofed players look realistic.
  14. Nope.
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  15. I would say it is ethical as long as you are not deceiving the players in a noticeable fashion - like a dead server showing 100 people. Just enough to make them actually want to log in.
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  16. seriously are you fucking kidding? you really needed to ask that.... :confused::eek::rolleyes:o_O
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  17. I've rephrased the title, is it worthwhile?
  18. *facepalms
  19. Let's say if said plugin would somehow make its way onto the Spigot premium section... would people be interested?
  20. I believe there are already free options for player spoofing, being a one dimensional plugin I dont know if you can offer other features to make it premium worthy.