Is QuantaHost Good?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by dawidperez, May 23, 2016.

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  1. Hello Spigot Users!
    I have used McProHosting as my minecraft server host but they where overpriced so i stopped paying. It was very nice of them giving me 25% off but then i saw other companies of server hosting that where same price but more ram.

    My Friend and I saw this website. It is called QuantaHost < Click
    It is in UK where I live and they have a 10% Discount for each month.
    I am looking at the hosting plan but for Premium section.
    I chose Grass 2048MB (2GB) Server and it all looks legit and no scam.
    I am a youtuber rank on a server and I asked the owner what host do they use. They said they use this one.

    Premium Features have everything what Budget but It additional has
    Unlimited Player Slots
    Dedicated IP ( :25565)
    Premium Support
    MySQL Database (I do not use it)
    Affiliate Access (?)

    The Login to the console (Panels) seems odd to me. Please check that.
    And The Domain. Can I get one from Freenom or do i need to BUY one?

    Can someone have a good look and tell me down bellow or private message me.
    Also, If it is a good hosting company do you find any others that are the same?

    Thank You
    - Daf4Life​
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  2. Their "premium" is what every host should offer by default anyway, most good hosts offer all of that.
    They literally don't have a single support article teaching you how to use your server:
    They cost more than they should at $8/GB.
    I would say go here and get a free server to try:
    Then if you like it get a discount coupon online:
    I can vouch for them since I've been with them for a few months runing a few servers to play with friends on.

    Otherwise you can also try something like but I get disgustingly bad pings with them.
  3. Just use Shockbyte, they're more reputable and half the price.
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  4. Reputable? Yep
    Good control panel? Nope
    They use crappy Multicraft, this is why I recommended Serverminer and Creeperhost. They both have custom control panels that are actually very nice, easy to use and powerful compared to old Multicraft that can just about start a server.
  5. FTFY
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  6. What's wrong with Shockbyte?
  7. The servers.
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  8. MikeA

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    If you've ran Multicraft and you can barely start a server then either you don't know how to set it up properly or the host you used has major problems. This isn't a Multicraft problem.
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  9. RSNET-Radic


    Highly disagree here. Just because everyone is playing the "how low can you go" game, doesn't mean it's expensive. I would take a provider that is on top of things and doesn't try to squeeze every penny out of every server over saving a few dollars per month.

    You probably spend more a week on snacks...
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  10. They also don't need to be expensive to be good, what I'm saying here is a host with a standard panel like Multicraft and barebones features is expensive at $8/GB when you can get more features and a better panel for less elsewhere.

    I was exaggerating but my key point is that the panel is horrible if you plan on using it a lot.
    The author of the panel is a slacker too who only runs occasional bug fixes, no new good/powerful features at all, that's all down to the host to try and pull off.
    This is why I recommend CreeperHost or Serverminer, they have their own custom panels that are actually good.
    I'm not suggesting Multiplay because their panel is worse than Multicraft and their prices are astronomical.
  11. RSNET-Radic


    That's where most people fail to understand. Features typically don't cost money, it's the hardware, network, support staff, etc.

    At $4/GB with 1000 customers utilizing an average of 2 GB would bring in $8,000/mo in revenue.

    That's $8,000/mo to support 1,000 customers, INCLUDING server costs, licensing costs, support costs....and well....hopefully profits?

    For 1,000 servers at 2 GB of RAM, you're looking at 16 shared servers per dedicated server. For this example, lets say that the provider was able to magically get each of the servers at $50/mo. They would need 63 servers unless they oversell RAM.

    63 servers x $50/mo = $3,150/mo

    $8,000 - $3,150 = $4,850/mo remaining

    Let's say the host is able to magically get people to work for them at a super cheap wage ($10/hr). There are 720 hours in a month (assuming you want true 24/7 support). At $10/hr, that's $7,200 for the support.

    $4,850/mo - $7,200 = -$2,350/mo

    So at $4/GB, with unrealistic server costs and wages, the provider would be losing $2350 if they were to provide half decent service.

    At $8/GB, the provider would be making a $5,650/mo profit and would be able to cover realistic expenses and actually provide real service.

    Just food for thought...
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  12. MikeA

    MikeA Retired Moderator
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    Surprised you took the time to write that out, I sure wouldn't have. Let's be real though, game hosts at under $6/GB~ don't hire real employees, and probably 70% of Minecraft hosts pay per ticket reply and the "workers" are either fighting to get a reply or don't have enough work to do.

    Generally this isn't something most people looking for Minecraft hosting care about, they just want to save every penny possible. :p

    OT: I've been debating raising my prices by a dollar or so for Minecraft, golly gee that'll make me a millionaire. (The minds of some people)
  13. So at ExtraVM are you the only employ?
  14. @RohanMcDermott owns QuantaHost and it is a VERY poor company for what it offers. Btw, he scammed me. I bet ya he told you that he could transfer your files from your current host to QuantaHost, but he keeps the files and then fucking resells them lol.... Don't use them, you're better off going with NotchHost.
  15. Tux


    Do it. Make your service more amazing. (For instance, maybe you can move it off OVH!)

    Be careful, though! Even a modest price increase can tick many people off. (I see plenty of people on this forum and on Twitter still grumbling about a recent price increase to a certain service that took place 3 months ago!)
  16. MikeA

    MikeA Retired Moderator
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    Yes, here's why;
    1.) I would only hire someone if I could pay them $12/h+
    2.) I don't need to hire anyone because I can do 100% of the support and management in a timely manner myself
    3.) Hiring people without paying them well and under contract is a security risk

    If I did it would only be for new clients. I would keep it on OVH because they have the most reliable DDoS protection for the price, plus with them opening in Portland, Ashburn, Sydney AU and Singapore Q4 this year, my services will very likely thrive in those areas. I love the automation they have, and I never have problems with the support or hardware.

    I used to manage a host back before 2014, we owned all of our hardware, had colo with multiple cabinets, and there were many more issues in regards to hardware management/failures and DDoS protection than I've had with OVH.

    Yes, owning hardware is great, but in my opinion having your own network is more important. This is the reason I still recommend RamNode beside my own services.
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  17. Tux


    Fair enough, although I forgot to mention the "move off OVH" part was merely snark. Sorry about that.
  18. MikeA

    MikeA Retired Moderator
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    I can never tell these days. :-^)
  19. Why would you get low capacity dedicated machines like these? There's plenty of ways you can do 32 servers per machine @ 2GB RAM, if your cpu can handle it then it's all good.
    This is 32 x $4 = $128 per dedicated machine.
    Most 64GB RAM machines at great places like OVH cost a lot less than $128 per month.
    The hosts I mentioned also have their own panel, there is no licensing cost so you can go ahead and factor that out of the cost which is one of the things that lets them compete.

    Most hosts do not pay hourly to their employees, they usually have a 0 hour/performance based contract where they are paid per ticket/response or are paid x amount of hours. Most if not all don't provide round the clock support, they will have staff come online for a few hours do tickets and then fuck off.
    I'm pretty sure most actually don't have more than 1 or 2 employees maximum.
  20. RSNET-Radic


    You can try to twist the expenses anyway you want, but what I quoted was a how to provide a half descent shared hosting experience. At $4/GB, you'll be making little to no money and offering sub-par services trying to do so.
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