Is Revivenode good?

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  1. So I have seen that a lot of youtubers host their server on revivenode, but I'm not sure if it's good. I am asking for your opinion, if you have ever tried to use their services. Good or not, benefits or just your thoughts. If you haven't used their hosting, you can help me by viewing their website and do some analyzing (if you want to of course). Thank you, your opinion matters! (y):coffee:

    - I could analyze it by myself but I'm new to hosting services and needed stuff to make server safer and better :D
  2. Hello, what exactly are you looking for?
    could be an option for small budgets
    but I recommend this

  3. Hi, I got it, but I also gave you more professional options, not a limited MC host
  4. ... which he doesn't want. It's like if OP had made a thread saying "Hi I want a cheap car to get me to work less than $3000, any recommendations" and then you came in and recommended a semi truck or a $100,000 sports car
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  5. It's one of the best if not the best server hosters out there. That much is undeniable.
    I was able to create a server in 2 weeks. Today is the server's launching date and the process behind it was so simple and more enjoyable.
  6. I'd suggest you to go with revivenode as their support is on time and even their game panel was just updated!
    So yeah you should.
    And I'm saying so because I've been using revivenode from december and there was no time I was not satisfied!
  7. Yes, Revienode is the best server hosting out there. Try it for $1 per GB ram!
  8. Revivenode, 365Hosts, Humbleservers – I reckon you will be fine with either of these budget-friendly options.
  9. It's very budget-friendly. If you are more experienced dedicated hosting is better
  10. its been 2 years since this thread was created, I'd suggest to not duplicate post as the answer is already there.
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  11. Oh yea I didn't see when it was opened. Sorry about that
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