is sharing accounts allowed?

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  1. hey
    is sharing accounts allowed?
  2. MiniDigger


    see rule 11.

    Creation of multiple accounts is not permitted.
    1. If you have a legitimate need for a second account, please email [email protected] to request permission first.
      1. Permission will only be granted if the account is used for a single, specific purpose, and subject to the condition that the individual accounts of all users with access remain in good standing.
    2. You are responsible for all actions performed by your account.
      1. Keeping your account secure is your responsibility. "I was hacked" and "It was my friend/brother" are not excuses.
        1. We provide additional mechanisms such as "two factor authentication" to help you with this.
      2. Usage of a public proxy or VPN is at your own risk. If the IP address you use is shared with banned users, you too may be banned.
    3. Name changes are generally available only to donors and only at our discretion. If however your account name contains personally identifiable information, then you may be granted one name change, again at our discretion.
    4. Using an alternative account to bypass a ban or other punishment will result in an extension of your punishment. If you wish to obtain more information about your ban, please send an email to [email protected].
    5. Discussion of your ban, or other user's bans is strictly prohibited.
    6. Accounts may not be sold without specific permission from SpigotMC. If there is any indication you are attempting to, or have sold your account it will be permanently banned.
  3. I assume this is about Spigot, just like MiniDigger did. All tough if you did mean Minecraft accounts, there are no rules regarding that, so share all you want.