Is ShockByte good?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by IHaxMC, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. title says all
  2. People say it's good. So I guess.
  3. i really hope it is :)
  4. Just check their sales staff, ask them if you go with bungeecord and a handful of spigot servers, if they can all be in online mode.

    You will find out soon enough if a "minecraft hosting company" knows what they're talking about.
  5. I'm using them and they're brilliant for low-playerbase servers.

    Support isn't the best, though. Haven't used it much myself however.
  6. what if i got 50 players, what would happen?
  7. Don't know, never reached that myself. Had 10 players on at once and it seemed pretty stable though. Most of the lag on my server was due to faulty plugins.
  8. what plugins were they? i am planning to buy a shockbyte server and want to avoid faulty plugins
  9. Who cares.. you use the plugins you want to use.
    List them here, we can judge them from the sidelines with predijudge :D

    Faulty plugins 5/10 times means it's actually poorly installed or configured, or outdated. It doesn't mean the plugin is actually fault 10/10 times.
  10. Support is Crap will take anywhere for 2-48 hours to respond
  11. welp... figured that out a few days ago
  12. sorry dude switch to clovux support is Awesome when theyre online!

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