Is ShockByte good?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by IHaxMC, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. title says all
  2. People say it's good. So I guess.
  3. i really hope it is :)
  4. Just check their sales staff, ask them if you go with bungeecord and a handful of spigot servers, if they can all be in online mode.

    You will find out soon enough if a "minecraft hosting company" knows what they're talking about.
  5. I'm using them and they're brilliant for low-playerbase servers.

    Support isn't the best, though. Haven't used it much myself however.
  6. what if i got 50 players, what would happen?
  7. Don't know, never reached that myself. Had 10 players on at once and it seemed pretty stable though. Most of the lag on my server was due to faulty plugins.
  8. what plugins were they? i am planning to buy a shockbyte server and want to avoid faulty plugins
  9. Who cares.. you use the plugins you want to use.
    List them here, we can judge them from the sidelines with predijudge :D

    Faulty plugins 5/10 times means it's actually poorly installed or configured, or outdated. It doesn't mean the plugin is actually fault 10/10 times.
  10. Support is Crap will take anywhere for 2-48 hours to respond
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  11. welp... figured that out a few days ago
  12. sorry dude switch to clovux support is Awesome when theyre online!
  13. I have used it and never had an issue usually have to wait overnight for support though
  14. Currently setting up a server, we had an auto-payment with them, and the payment came out of my paypal on the 10th and the 11th came around, said our server is unpaid for and we submitted a ticket, we got a response in about a day, but its still not resolved almost a week later, and still haven't heard any word since the first update. even after contacting multiple people who are with shockbyte, our ticket remains unsolved
  15. same :/ but my server WOULD be made if i put the RIGHT email :mad:
  16. Hey,

    You probably would have already gotten the answer, but in my opinion yes they are.
    For many different reasons. First of all, when you go to their live chat, takes them
    about 2 minutes to answer live chat which i love. Second of all, they use NVMe ssd's
    and use pretty powerful xeon's. Thirdly their cheap, Fourthly, they are a very well known
    company, probably even bigger then hostings like mcprohosting and beastnode. But the big
    difference is that beastnode and mcpro is overpriced for what they offer, whereas shockbyte isn't.
  17. BeastNode is overpriced as fuck. You don’t know how much money I wasted paying $12.50 for 1gb of ram for over a year.
  18. Yeah, i know. I didnt say they were good, i just said that shockbyte is a big company, yet also isnt as overpriced as mcpro or beastnode.
  19. Overpriced is relative to what you consider good value. Some people want bottom of the barrel service for the lowest price possible. Some people want the best service possible and are willing to pay for it. If it's good value it's not overpriced and you don't have to defend that.
  20. They're awesome in my opinion, very friendly staff, quick support (contact them with your support ticket number on their discord or via their live chat)
    They're probably one of the cheapest high-quality hosts I've seen - with a 1GB server and 1GB proxy (I run Bungeecord Waterfall and PaperSpigot), I'm able to run 70 plugins and hold around 20 players (70 plugins on the PaperSpigot server, 8 on the Proxy)
    I've been using them for around a year with almost no issues. The only issue I've ever had with them was losing access to my MySQL database, which they fixed within a few hours.

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