Is somewhere out there a kind of Google Guava library but for Bukkit?

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  1. Title pretty much self explanatory.
  2. Guava is shaded in bukkit.
  3. You misunderstood the question. Guava is a library with a broad collection of utilities for all kinds of stuff. My question is/was: Is there a library which is like Guava but brings utilities to the Bukkit plugin development environment, like handling inventories with ease, creating fake NPCs without relying on another plugin, sort and shuffle algorithms and so much more.
  4. There isn't really a singular library, rather lots of little ones. InventiveTalent has lots of these libraries, and then there's also larger api's (still not guava tho) for more complicated features, such as packets, random but cool stuff, world editing, command handling, and more.
  5. Guess i could go through the many libraries that exist currently and try to make one that fits what you want
  6. I'm working on my own right now. I was just asking out of curiosity, to get some inspiration what to work on next. It's called "Playground" just like the playground you would play on. :p Unfortunately, it's closed source but I'm planing on releasing it at some point in the future, when it is more polished and has a lot more stuff to play with. Currently working on inventory utilities.
    I'm llum1na btw. I just don't wanna donate money just to change my name here on SpigotMC.
  7. Yeah, I just decided to release the project I'm working on into the wild. It's not quite finished yet but I'd like to release it so other people can use it too. Currently doing some polishing and preparing. Prolly gonna release it in a few hour-ish time on GitHub.
  8. I created a little library with things I often need when I create Spigot plugins. You can take a look at it here.
  9. Looks pretty cool! I'm working on this one here. I'm pretty excited to see how it will do in the future. :D
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