Is Spigot Better Than Bukkit?

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  1. no, bukkit is bae, bukkit is life.
  2. Some plugins implement Spigot API features that Bukkit does not have, so I recommend to use Spigot if you are using resources you found on SpigotMC.
  3. 100000000% Obviously, Spigot has been the thing for 5 years now.
  4. latiku


    lol? you aren't even registered on the bukkit forum
  5. it was a joke you uptight guy
  6. I prefer Spigot over Bukkit because it has better performance.
  7. Yeah, Spigot essentially is an extension of Bukkit
  8. This is the nearest to the correct answer I have seen so far in this thread.
    As far as I am aware Bukkit (Craftbukkit) as it was has not been developed by the original team for some years now.

    Craftbukkit is mostly a stable API and is now maintained by spigotmc, who tweek the essential changes needed.

    The Craftbukkit versions released since version MC 1.8.9 are maintained by spigotmc. (spigotmc uses a different distribution method).

    The main differences between the 2 servers are:

    Craftbukkit creates a single server which cannot be networked to other Craftbukkit or Spigot servers.

    Spigot creates a single server with the ability to use a proxy (Bugeecord) to allow single Spigot servers to connect together to create a network.

    Spigot does add some refinements addressed at improving server performance.

    The majority of plugins do NOT utilise the Spigot / Bungeecord refinements and can be used on either Spigot or Bukkit(Craftbukkit) without any problems.
  9. Yes, it just have a lot of more options than bukkit.
  10. This thread is old and the question is pretty much useless but a more correct question would be: "Is Spigot better than CraftBukkit"

    Bukkit is an API not a server implementation.

    Neither Spigot or CraftBukkit are APIs. Spigot does adds some functionality in terms of API such as an additional chat API, however.
  11. CraftBukkit is not an API but the implementation of the API.

    SpigotMC has maintained CraftBukkit since 1.8. Earlier, a patch system already modified Spigot in 1.7.10 after Bukkit was DMCA'd.

    First time I hear this ^^
    Especially the Bungee Chat Component API that is only available in Spigot but not in Bukkit is commonly used and breaks support with CraftBukkit. Spigot refinements are officially and to many developers de facto the standard.