Is that okay?

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  1. Guys, im creating a new minecraft server with my friend, we want to have access to the server and files 24hs.Onnly me and him is going to join the server and the maps is quite small. Only for creating the server is it okay to use the OVH SSD VPS #1 ? (We are only creating in this vps and then migrating to a dedicated server)

    #Sorry for bad my bad english, im brazilian.
  2. You don't need to have a dedicated server to have access to the files and to run a small server.

    The pay for a dedicated server can be cut in half with a quality barebone vps that allows gaming and gives you unmanaged vps with root access, which a quality vps provider should be offering.

    Just throw ubuntu on it if you're new to it, since it is guaranteed to work with MC and has great documentation and an active support community, or debian if you know what you're doing and don't mind stepping up your game a bit.

    Anyway, 1gb ram and double the hdd space for a small server, with a worldborder plugin if you want to keep your world small.

    Then you can ssh into the box for remote management and file uploads/downloads, etc. with sftp.

    And you and your friends, will have a fun server that's online 24/7 and you have full access to.

    An SSD will certainly help. I dont; know if ovh allows game servers, etc, that's a sales question you have to ask them.
  3. OVH allows it. But it will lag on the SSD 1 for a small time.