Is that viable?

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  1. Is it possible to host an network with 120 players, 3 server running: lobby,factions and bedwars with this dedicate specs:
    Core™ i7-920 4c / 8t 2.66 GHz+ 16 GB RAM

  2. Yes but with lag
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  3. I'd suggest using soyoustart over kimsufi for larger servers (100+ players).
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  4. That is very much possible.
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  5. Ok thanks, should that be better?
    KS-4C Core™ i5-2300 5292 4c / 4t 2.8 GHz+ 16 GB 2 TB
    What machine do you think that best fits my server there?

    Thank you !
  6. E3-SSD-1 would be good and has room for expansion, but after rethinking, I say stay with kimsufi and upgrade at a later date if you need to.
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  7. Yes
    But that might be over the OP's budget
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  8. Does kimsufi have all those cpus in they canadian datacenter? I doesnt have the option to buy it , only in france
  9. Try this: and head over to the dedicated server section

    EDIT: It's out of stock in canada
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  10. I use a GAME-2 Package for my network, although It doesn't hit 100 players yet It works fine with 10-20 And could probably handle more.
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  11. 10-20 players? Even the shit i5 from my laptop could handle that
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  12. All I am saying Is the GAME-2 Would probably handle it.
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  13. Well, thank you ill finish this month in my brazilian vps then..

    Guys i really apreciate all the help !!
  14. Lull dude you are loosing money there
  15. Not really, we're are having two 50k youtubers record soon.
  16. Well that is great, gl on your server !
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  17. Thank you :)
  18. Not at all lol, well it kinda depends on your amount of plugins, tyype of plugins, server optimizations, but in general i would not recommend that server lol