Is the Advanced Plan with Enjin good?

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  1. The title says it all.
  2. I strongly dislike Enjin, however if you're insistent on using it - then yes, the "Advanced Plan" is nice. I'm pretty it has more opportunities to make your site look less.. "generic-Enjin-fugly-ness," and there are some websites using Enjin that don't look that bad.
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  3. Go and see what you get with it and then decide if it's the plan for you. Simple!
  4. If you feel limited by the basic plan THEN you should upgrade. Until then if you're not certain. don't bother.
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  5. In my opinion something like mybb or xenforo would be much better
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  6. Oh honey, any plan other than the free plan is good on Enjin. Trust me. I use it.
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  7. Don't use enjin make a server website and host it on a computer or somethin
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  8. If you've got money to spare, go for it. Otherwise, just setup a quick Apache server (well, LAMP) and get an open source forum software.
  9. Xenforo is better than enjin since enjin only allows 3 servers on advanced
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  10. Well, if you have PEX or another permissions plugin that can connect to a database then you'll only need to connect 1 server. That's what Mineplex does. Also it would be good if you had an Economy plugin that can connects to a database such as....well...I don't know any.... :/
  11. Essentials I think can do MySQL.
  12. latiku


    Enjin is great, don't let anybody tell you otherwise if you enjoy using it.

    I personally believe the advanced plan is great, in response to your question.
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  13. I used it, liked it..then I realized why spend that much if I can pay 50 cent for even better website?
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  14. Enjin is not good for large, professional servers; however, Enjin is an excellent option for those looking to spend less and still have a functional website.
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  15. Use MyBB my developer used it to create my server wbsite =D
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  16. I can vouch for MYBB, I use it for my forums and love it :D
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  17. I just upgraded enjin to advanced only to have the html module enabled to insert Dynmap. To bad that isn't a free module.
  18. I used to use enjin and I was fine on the free plan, only used 18 modules or whatever they call them. But, of course, I moved away from enjin.

    Currently I use myBB hosted on 000webhost (free :eek:), and you can download a home page from spigot or somewhere else.

    Try to stay away from enjin, unless you can make it look really good (like Mineplex, Mineplex runs on Enjin).

    But, to answer your actual question, no, I don't think it's worth it. There are tons of resources out there that let you do almost the same thing completely free.
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  19. BUT..Better.
  20. I also use MYBB, for practically free.
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