Is the OnTime plugin abandoned?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by jhkoenig, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. I'm using the OnTime plugin happily for quite a while, counting on it for time-of-play promotions and temporary (expiring in 2 hours) permissions for rewards.

    Now I'm trying to use the Absence reward to reduce ranks when the player has been away for more than 2 weeks. Every night when the rule executes I get a Java exception.

    I reported it on the OnTime issues page, but noticed that recent issues (including mine) seem to be getting ignored.

    Is the plugin abandoned? Can anyone suggest an alternative with these capabilities?

  2. Yes, it's abandoned ;)
  3. Any suggestions on an actively supported replacement? It bombs out every night when performing the Absense rule.
  4. "Playtime"
  5. I'm also interested in an OnTime replacement that is actively supported. Unfortunately I'm not able to find or aware of a plugin that is as feature-rich as OnTime. :( Such as breaking down playtime by total / month / week / day, separated afk time, referrals, vote totals, etc.

    "Playtime", or at least the version I saw, is quite simplistic..
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