Is theminecrafthosting Good for hosting my server?

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  1. The reason im asking this is because I want to make a minecraft server. And I want to know if this place is a good minecraft hosting place. If you know any others that are good can you tell me.
  2. Research different host such as review(s), news/media, activity, then decide which one will provide you with the best performance you require. If possible invest in a vps/dedicated server to have more control over your server.
  3. MinecraftHosting is a very hated company. They oversell, can't speak English or Spanish properly, they are very rude and immature and take forever to reply to tickets. Just look at their reputation:

    Hosts that are way better you could go with: Sparked Host, Excalibur, Deluxe, TitanNodes, Pebble or Tigernode

    Edit: Minecraft Hosting more than oversells, they probably overload
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  4. i just wanted to know are they good to make a server with like will my server have lag will the console be hard to use and such things like that like are they good for thoses things
  5. Like DBoss said, TheMinecraftHosting is very hated. Their servers are terrible and they oversell.
    I recommend you PebbleHost, DeluxeNode or SparkedHost
    You can take a look at our company too but we are more expensive than the others host mentioned above
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  6. I’ve used this host before and I’ve never had a problem with performance but any little ddos attack would send the server offline for a while.
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  7. I would only recommend NodeCraft SparkedHost SkyNode and DeluxeNode (these are in no particular order find one that suits you)
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  8. Thanks for the recommendation :D
  9. Yes your server will lag, they oversell a lot which means less CPU and RAM for you which means terrible performance.
  10. Look for yourself at the reviews, we can't just know every single website and how good they are. Do you actually have a following and a need for 8 bungeecord servers?
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