Is there a 1.11 plugin to change the color of a username? Not just prefixes and Suffixes?

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  1. Hey I was wondering if there was a 1.11 plugin to change the color of a username? Plz help! Thanks! :D
  2. Thanks! It works, but only when I don't have essentialsX, essentialsXSpawn, and essentialsXChat in my plugins folder. Does this plugin conflict with essentialsX? Also, I have coloredtags, and it doesn't work with essentialsX either.
  3. Try setting add-prefix-suffix to false in essentialsx's config.
  4. couldn't find that option.
  5. Nvm I got it to work. Thanks
  6. Really? I haven't used it in a while, but here it shows that option in the config. This is the essentials documentation though, so things could be different with essentialsx.
  7. idk. But I have 1 last problem. When I use colored tags, My prefix shows up in the tablist, but not in chat.
  8. ColoredTags is only for Tablists. If you want to show prefixes & suffixes in chat, that is a whole different story. You need a permissions plugin (PermissionsEX), EssentialsChat, and Vault.
  9. I have all 3
  10. Do you not know how to set prefixes & suffixes in chat? For example, if you have one user called Mary123. Do /pex user Mary123 prefix [Owner], or if you have a group called Builders with multiple people in it. Do /pex group Builders prefix [Builder]. It's that simple!
  11. I know how to set prefixes and suffixes, but it is not working. It only works in tablist.
  12. I even set them in the permissions.yml, but it still isn't working.
  13. Can you show me your permissions.yml config? And what commands you're using?
  14. I got it to work. Thanks for your help :D!
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  15. Is this solved now? If not, why cant you just use /nick ?