Is there a BungeeCord for 1.7?

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Is there 1.7.2 version?

  1. No, sorry...

  2. Yes, the link is >send in reply<...

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    Hello, I need BungeeCord for 1.7.2!
    I know there is a version like this

    It can be 1.7.2 - 1.7.10!
    Can anybody send me a link of it?

    If there is no version like this, please send a "No" answer in poll...
    If there IS a version like this, please send a "Yes" answer in poll and send me a link!

    Need now pleasssse!
  2. There is a bungeecord for 1.7.10 but is not recommended that you use it because of the lack of updates and support. But here is the link
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  3. Ok, thx @IlluminatiBucky It works on 1.7.2 client too... But I have other error... on join on bungee ip, it kicks me with msg: Server is online mode... Yep, i know it, and I AM on online-mode (premium) client! You know what does it mean? (all online-modes are enabled, in bungee config, config of the spigot server etc...) HELP
  4. A bungeecord fork that supports 1.7-1.11
  5. That's a very easy fix. In your default server other than BungeeCord, you go to the file and look for online-mode=true and turn that to false. You don't turn that to false if you were to run only a stand alone server. But don't worry about non-premium accounts joining your server because BungeeCord patches that feature.