Is there a comprehensive list of "abusable" vanilla mechanics?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by LEOcab, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. In particular, I'm interested in those that allow players to get high-level items with low effort. The following are examples of what I mean:
    1. Zombie villager farms. You literally turn a fella into a zombie and back repeatedly until he can't take it anymore and gives you what you want. You can either call it a glitch or a feature... a torture mechanic, in vanilla Minecraft.
    2. AFK fishing. Change some controls, set up your keyboard and mouse the right way, and get free stuff for hours not even being in the game. Good stuff too. AND it bypasses Essentials' afk kick.
    3. Zero-tick farms. I'm not too informed on this one personally, but I know you can get a lot of goodies in few clicks.
    I originally decided to allow all of these features on my server. Now nobody plays, because those who got rich got rich quick and then got bored, and everyone else is just disappointed in the economy. No incentive to work hard, no incentive to play. I don't run a MINEcraft server, I run a LAZYcraft server. I wanted capitalism. Now I have to turn to socialism to fix this.
  2. Maybe not as relate-able, but... Chours Fruit.

    If you have forms of base protection or locking doors, that lovely fruit can be used to teleport into anywhere.
    Maybe not something as extreme as zero-tricks or villager farms, but on certain servers, like factions, it can be an issue.
  3. Hmmmm... so basically phasing thru walls? I remember ender pearls did this too back in the day. I'll have to check it out on my server. That would definitely be a problem. Thank you sir!
  4. Yes enderpearls did and in same cases, still do!

    I found that you could disable the use of the fruit via world guards blacklist system, so its something for sure can be solved!