Solved Is there a kind of PerWorldVersion plugin?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by YaseenAkoub, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. [NOTE]: I'm not sure what category this goes in.

    Is there a kind of PerWorldVersion plugin? Like for a server that's running Survival and KitPvP on the same server, I want to make it so that any version can join KitPvP but Survival only 1.15.X can join and the items don't turn into stone on that world, I had a think, can this be done with ViaBackwards/ViaRewind?

    Or a plugin that does that and kicks you if u have no right version
  2. Don't even think that plugin exist. Even if it does, it's not going to be a effective method. You should never run 2 or more gamemodes on the same server. Make a BungeeCord server instead. I have sent a link below if you want further information.
  3. I know all about BungeeCord and want to use it except I can't afford 2+ servers ._.
  4. Then don't try and run a server with 2 gamemodes.