is there a mutliplayer server world downloader

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  1. what i said on title but theres no mods section so why not put in spigot help but is there that achely works
  2. No, only BackUp-Systems
  3. Yea there is a mod that does this but it is rude to go and steal someone's work.
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    We don't have a Mods section because we do not need a Mods section. It would not be used often. That aside, there is a Forge mod that allows you to download worlds from servers. Keep in mind, some servers do not permit you to do this simply because it allows you to either cheat, or steal their servers hub
    EDIT: Damnnnn... sniped by Brett. Why do I type so much? :p
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  5. Some servers have a Anti-Worlddownloader ^^
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  6. Just before I lead into my main point what I'd like to make clear, what you're wanting can be achieved by using the forge mod loser and a world downloaded mod, despite this please do not use this mod without first asking permission from the owner of the server you're looking for he map from, it's honestly quite rude to steal someone's map, which they may have paid a lot of money for.
  7. ik theres a mod worlddownloader mod but wont work
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    It was made by the author of the mod as well :) Though most people aren't concerned about people downloading their worlds and find an extra plugin to be unnecessary
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