is there a plugin for...

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Soulcraft245, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. is there a plugin that pop a gui when you join a server asking what side do you want to be on with a api???
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  2. Not that I know of, but that's something pretty easy to program.
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  3. Easy to program. So when it is not ready a plugin you can just make it
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  4. That sounds extremely simple to code. What do you mean when you say "asking what side do you want to be on" though?
  5. I think just a GUI that appears :D
  6. But surely it must have something in it? No? :p
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  7. I think it's just okay when there is 1 block of bedrock in it and just kills you :p
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  8. there a server that when you join it ask good or evil, i cant remember the server name but anyway i'm just going to make the plugin
  9. Okay then :)
    If you need help, just ask here and we will be happy to help!